mardi 5 mai 2009

Maria Duval Prosperity Rule No.3

Maria Duval's Properity Rule No.3 will enable you to activate wealth energy and it is intimately linked with your EMOTIONS.

Don't we agree that emotions are the driving force behind expansion and progress in our world? Emotion is the primordial force that results in great civilisations throughout the history of mankind.

However, just like thoughts, emotions must be carefully channelled and contained. People who have volatile emotions are just not efficient. They have allowed their emotions to gain control of their lives and initiatives. Maria Duval believes this often results in precious positive energies being wasted and scatttered all over the places and even worse still, end up like a living dead, with life energy totally drained off.

People who have taken control of their emotions however have a very powerful personality, precise ideas and sharp decision making process. They are the real "go getters", as you probably know someone you have come across, achieving respected success in whatever tasks they embark on.

Maria Duval states clearly that "emotions is a purpose which does not really have anything to do with purely intellectual functions". Emotions is amazing. If you can adjust your positive emotions with the powers of your mind and focus them on a single objective, you will be drawn towards your objective just like a magnet to an bar of iron.

So, the good advice to people is that do not restrict this natural function of your being, try to bring out its power as emotions can help you to sail much more faster towards your destinations you have targeted in your life.

Maria Duval gives a simple and good suggestions to master your emotions and this is to practise meditation which enables you to process it or orientate it in a way that suits your purpose.

You can also try out music as it is known to be an emotional stimulant to fulfil your desires as music has the great power to rouse, soothe or bring out the inner creative potential. It is therefore important that to use music to bring out our emotional best,we got to choose the right kind of music for this purpose.

To conclude, remember that if you can cultivate within you a dominating, motivating, constructive emotions to the point of obssession, this will propel you towards the pinnacles of success, glory and prosperity.