jeudi 28 mai 2009

Maria Duval - The Rule of Wealth No. 6

Give in order to receive.....

This is the universal principle of wealth and prosperity on which all religions, philosophies and spiritual teachings unanimously agree. They all acknowledge that it is a golden rule for accumulating money, material riches and prosperity here on Earth. If you are looking for a new source of income or trying to improve your standard of living, you should at your very best try to give a small amount of the benefits the universal cosmic energy is granting you.

Acquiring money for its own sake, living a selfish life without sharing, means breaking the laws that create cosmic harmony. This creates a negative money karma which can come back to you in the future.

Maria Duval says, do not be imprison by this archaic and selfish mentality of accumulating wealth.

Giving and receiving are not limited to material things. If you can be, try your best to compliment someone when that person has genuinely does well in life. This is not to be mistaken as bootlicking which is baseless in nature.

So open your heart and your mind, practise giving. Give those around you the chance to give and you will see that they are happy to do so. This way, you will improve in return.