mardi 26 mai 2009

Maria Duval - The Rule of Wealth No. 5

Money must circulate freely...

It is important to know this rule. Money is a form of energy and it must be a form of circulating energy, meaning you cannot hoard it, otherwise it will coagulate, like blood, and thus leading to more problems later.

When your blood is circulating freely, you are in great health. When money flows into your life freely, Maria Duval classifies you as a financially healthy person. The more you try to safeguard this energy in a box in your bedroom, the more financially sick you are. Surely, this does not mean saving is no good.

Maria Duval does not recommend saving just for its own sake, but she does recommend it as a means of developing the love of work. What she means is that financial success requires some form of enthusiasm at work.

The source of this enthusiasm can be found in your emotions. It is your emotion that drives you towards your goal. Without this "emotional support", saving money is tough.

Determination will never make you a saver without something else to spur you on. Do not save base on the emotion of fear but save based on the positive emotion of love, and this promotes the circulation of universal energy.

In conclusion, saving money should come from healthy and positive thought rather than negative ones. You should also focus on the achievement of a goal and objective rather than saving for the sake of a raining day. There is a big world of different in mindset, and this shift in mindset could result in the blockage of the money circulation.