mardi 12 mai 2009

Maria Duval Prosperity Rule No.7

Maria Duval suggests that you must constantly listen out for what your inner self tells you, because as a fragment of the Divine Intelligence and Consciousness, this is the only voice that can really bring you all the treasures that you are seeking.

This Inner Master is the added dimension that will make all your dealings much more profitable.

Each time you find yourself in conflict or competition with someone, or several people, each time you are on the point of embarking something important, turn to your inner spiritual self to seek guidance and inspirations so that you can find a quick favourable solution to your problem.

So from now on, don't do anything without first consulting your Inner Consciousness which resides in the core of your being., like a sparking diamond in a purple velvet jewel case.

Just for a moment, switch off your left brain and let the right brain into play, and the right one is the one that gives you your intuition. Yes, the voice of your wisdom comes from your inner core, where it gives you the power, strength, life and inspiration to allow you to step nearer to your set objectives in life.

Your Soul resides within your core. This Divine Legacy bequeathed to you when you first took breath at the time of your first incarnation on Earth, this fragment of pure light has been cloaked and dimmed due to your upbringing in this insanely materialistic world.

Finally, Maria Duval exclaims that no matter how feeble it may seem, this Spark of Light continues to shine brightly within your core of your being. This extraordinary power is ready to break out of its dark prison at any moment. With your Inner Being to guide you, you will no longer have to second guess what is in front of you.

Essentially, you hold the keys which open the doors to the endless Bliss to be experienced in the Paradise that is within you.