lundi 11 mai 2009

Maria Duval Prosperity Rule No.6

Desire plays a vital role in the initial process as we have just seen from the previous post, but if this is not backed up by faith, desire will just wither and never become anything other than remains just as a daydream. So Maria Duval would want you to strongly affirming to yourself that "I believe I can, therefore I can".

In other words, if you believe in your desire you are already half way there to accomplishing it - and it's a very simple concept, as it is all boils down to your personal confidence in yourself in pulling the desire off.

Maria Duval says if you want to develop a burning faith, you must start to act as if you have already gained that object or the situation. To assist you, you can use the incredible psychological power of repeated phrases and effective visualisation techniques to "firm" your desires in your mind.

If you fill your mind each day with right words and images you will attract various opportunities relating to your desire. If you long fo money, keep repeating to yourself assuredly that money is my friend and that you want to acquire a bit more each day until you have accumulated a good amount for your own benefits and for the others. Visualise it getting more and more each day.

If you do this, you will develop an increasing amount of faith and confidence. Strengthen your conviction daily until you believe so whole-heartedly in your desire that your thoughts are completely focused in this direction, make it possible to fulfil it.