lundi 22 février 2010




For the sake of absolute clarity and so as not to overcomplicate the issue I’m going to avoid giving details of astrological and esoteric techniques that would not, in any case, give you any greater understanding of the text.

The world is rearming itself in preparation for the end of the world as predicted by the Mayans, who prophesied the last date on the calendar would be: December 21st 2012.

What’s this all about?

The Mayans were a very ancient civilization in South America, emerging in the 3rd century BC and dying out in the 16th century, after the Spanish conquest.
The Mayans acquired a profound understanding of astronomy and it was this science they used to compile the calendars according to which they measured time and organised their social, financial and religious life.

Their calendars were calculated over a span of 5,000 years, so the Mayan’s predictions go back to 3,000 years BC, Not bad, I’m sure you’ll agree!

For the Mayans, there was not sky, but thirteen!
Thirteen skies, each with its own god. Thirteen skies each taking its turn in playing a part in the countdown the days, dividing up the calendar. Everything revolved around twenty « solar energies » corresponding not only to virtues but also to the different stages through which a soul passes in its life cycle.

The result?

A highly complex mathematical system and, more importantly, a profoundly meaningful organisation of time: for ancient Mayan priest-astronomers, every day was part of a series of astronomical and symbolic cycles depending simultaneously on the gods, man and the stars.

As well as this calendar, the Mayans used two other, simpler, calendars.

What were they all about?

The axis of the Earth is slowly, very slowly, shifting. The movement of the axis, or drift, is caused by the impact of certain forces of the solar system.

So, this means a change in the positioning of the North Pole in relation to stars that are fanning out, imperceptibly, in a conical formation, a movement set to complete its arc in 26,000 years.

This astronomical cycle is called the « precession of the equinoxes ».
The pace of the change in direction of the axis of rotation of the Earth is extremely slow.

But how can we possibly know when we have arrived at the point zero of the movement of the axis of the Earth? I should be quite clear that the Mayans did not leave behind any document mentioning the « end of time ».

The approach of the end of the Fifth Cycle, according to the Mayan calendar, does not necessarily mean the end or the world, or the disappearance of humanity.

One could say that the world is currently going through a time of immense upheaval and the future we face is an uncertain on, with more than one economic crisis and climate change coming our way.

Much more probably, it will take the form of an all-encompassing crisis of conscience. We will have to leave the old values behind, replacing them with better, truer ones more suited to equipping us for the future.

But there is much debris in our minds that we are going to have to strip away.

That’s why I’m asking, in these times where the forecasts are already pretty catastrophic, that you set your compass set firmly in the right direction and hold your course from the present to the future with optimism and courage!

Isn’t it comforting to know you have the gift of the future in your hands right now?

Looking forward to the next time.