vendredi 22 mai 2009

Maria Duval - The Rule of Wealth No. 3

Being aware of money leads to having money.

You now know that you hold everything you need to become rich within you. You also know that the true nature of money, what pushes it away and the need to think positively about it.

You also need to develop the right state of mind, which means visualising your financial success in a sustainable way.

Let Maria Duval explain: achieving financial security is a process rather than a state. A state refers to something not permanent and prone to changes. This means if you visualise wealth as a state, you will permanently stressed - consciously or subconsciously - by the thought of losing it.

A process, on the other hand, accompanies you every inch and never leaves you. By opening up your heart and your mind to prosperity, you will build within yourself a feeling of wealth that nobody will be able to take from you.

Don't harbour any doubt and don't be discouraged, have faith that money will flow into your life and you will see how prosperity become a reality.

Best of luck and wishes!