jeudi 30 avril 2009

Maria Duval Prosperity Rule No. 2

In this rule, Maria Duval says we need to clearly define the goal you are aiming for and then to stick at it, whatever happens, until you have achieved it.

Of course, we want to be rich, but have you really thought about what form it will take? How do you visualise it? Do you want material goods? Do you want cash? Just how much do you want in your account? There has to be a very clear definition about what you want before the Universe can give you what you want.

At this point you must be wondering with such a simple rule, why is it that so few people are successful in life, or what the rewards that they richly deserve to have?

According to a survey of one hundred people interviewed in this subject, only six of them really knew what they want in life. The rest were content to be thrown around by events, just like a ship sailing in the sea without direction. In this case, Maria Duval does not think you can even find a rudderless ship, as all ships have clear destinations of where they want to sail to, the goal.

But do be cautious as we cannot steer a ship into several ports at one time. Hence proceed step by step, pursuing on goal at a time, and go on to the next one when it has been achieved. For your dream to be realised, it has to be ambitious yet be feasible.

Once you have set an objective, stick to it like a leech and do not let fear and worries taking it away from you. To strength you in this area, Maria Duval suggests defining peronsal affirmation statement and practising creative visualisation.

Your subconscious is a powerful tool and it must be a slave that is under your control rather than it controlling you. Force it to obey you by repeating as many times of affirmation daily as possible. Say it out loud, sing it out, or write it down on papers. In this way, it will really shorten the time it takes for things to materialise in the physical world.