mercredi 6 mai 2009

Maria Duval Prosperity Rule No.4

Prosperity Rule no.4 is linked to the immutable law of sacrifice:

"Give and you shall receive".

This universal principle of wealth and prosperity is unanimously acknowledge by all philosophies, all religions and all the holy writings from all over the world, including the Bible, Quran, Buddhist script, Tibetan writings and many others. Wise men from the past all knew about this law when it comes to wealth and prosperity, and the mystics called it the "Law of AMRA".

Many people have forgotten about this immutable principle in which you must pay a bit of "tithe" so that the Cosmos can return to favour you more. This donation may take the form of some altruistic service or some favour which benefits someone, or several people if the benefits in question cannot be physically restored.

You could perhaps save a bit of money out of your monthly paycheck to give to some charitable causes or some humanitarian organisations as a way to help fellow human beings who are more needy or in some form of distress.

Maria Duval warns however that this charitable cause must be actioned freely without any sense of remorse or holding back. In fact you should be very happy when you donated to the charitable causes as you have just activated the "Law of AMRA" yourself in your life.

If you have been living in luxury for a long time it could be very wise to start giving back to the society if you have not done so because there is karma at work and one day you might find the roles being reversed due to your selfish actions in the past.

So from now on, remember to gift generously before you approach the cosmos so that you can immeidately tap into the powerful creative forces of the Universe that can help your initiatives to succeed.