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It is first necessary to define what are the chakras, their function and how they work.

This knowledge dates back many thousands of years, however approaches can vary from country to country. My own personal approach to the Chakras results from many years of experience and is based on the esoteric knowledge of the sages of Ancient India. These great Masters were well aware of the presence of seven vital energy centres (chakras) in every human being.

The word "chakra" means "wheel" (or "spinning disk") in Sanskrit. The seven major chakras are found along a vertical axis corresponding to the spinal column.

A chakra is an energy centre situated in the "etheric aura" of the individual (i.e. in the electro-magnetic field which naturally surrounds the physical body). It is invisible to the naked eye (except for people who have the gift of clairvoyance), because it's not really of a physical nature.

In fact, the chakra is etheric; this means that it is made of an ethereal substance, which is more subtle than the physical body, because its atomic vibration is more rapid. This is why it remains invisible.

You could say that chakras are centres which transform and distribute the energies originating from the sky and the ground, that is to say cosmic and earth forces. To understand their fundamental role, you need to know that if a human being had no chakras and received cosmic energy directly, without it being transformed, then that person would instantly be "struck down" by the various natural energies that would be coursing straight through them.

The chakras are responsible for only letting in the energy you are capable of absorbing. The amount of energy corresponds to your level of consciousness (or evolution). And the more your chakras open and allow cosmic energy to penetrate inside you, the more you evolve, the more your consciousness expands.

The chakras actually transform the various energies that enter a person, and then redistribute them throughout the physical body through the endocrine glands, which release their secretions into the blood.

You can imagine the chakras as coloured wheels of light, as funnel-shaped energy vortexes, spinning round in a clock-wise direction. They have "blades" like a fan, or "petals" like a flower, which create the funnel shape as they turn. As these wheels rotate, universal cosmic energy is drawn into the chakras, and then distributed round the body.

Chakras therefore pick up the vibrations existing in the environment. Through their various functions, these energy centres link the individual to everything that is occurring around him, in nature and in the Universe, acting rather like an "antenna".

You can regard your own chakras as organs of the subtle senses. Our physical body with its five senses (sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch) is a vehicle adapted to the vital laws of our planet, which enables us to find our way in everyday life. The chakras act as receptors for all the energy vibrations and all the information hovering "above" the physical plane: they are like gateways into the magical and boundless world of more subtle energies.

To live in harmony with yourself, others and the environment, combining both strength and creativity, knowledge and love, all chakras must be "open" and working in harmony with each other. Because the more the chakras "open up", the more the people evolve, and the more energy they have to achieve what they want to in life.

Conversely, if someone's chakras are "blocked" and not functioning harmoniously, not only do they capture very little universal cosmic energy, but they also accumulate negative waves. This accumulation of "bad" energies makes them prone to difficulties and gradually brings all kinds of problems into their lives.

Then they easily fall victim to secret manipulations, malign influences, emotional and professional disasters. They just don't have the strength to deal with it all. And in most cases, the energy centres are thrown out of harmony leading to pain and various disorders.

This creates a vicious circle that it's very difficult to get out of. Especially as the person in question is generally ignorant of the cause of this persistent "adversity".

How do the chakras get "blocked" ?

Our behaviour becomes ingrained in us, forming patterns that we repeat over and over. From our earliest childhood we start to build a "map of the world". It's as though we see the world through a filter, like tinted glasses putting things into perspective.

This personal map of the world incorporates a set of rules, according to which we believe the world functions. These are learned from a very young age, depending on the experiences we each undergo and the perceptions delivered by our senses.

But here is the most important point: our "map of the world" is built on three key elements: our need for security, our image of ourselves and the power we exert over our environment.

In fact, from the day we are born, we try to develop these three elements, or we are obliged to develop them in order to survive. The three are of course interlinked because it is often the case, for example, that we build our image in such a way as to establish our security, because it's through our image, how we present ourselves to others, that we will be able to influence the love and attention we receive from them.

It's in a baby's interest to know how to behave if he wants to obtain affection, tenderness or food from his parents. From his experiences, and his various attempts to adapt to his environment, the tiny child soon starts to gradually piece together his map of the world i.e. the rules he must obey to establish his security and his influence over his environment.

For example, the child will become convinced that it's by being very obedient and complying with his parents' wishes that he will gain their love. This kind of belief, which is very common, leads us to build a "false identity", which is not based on our true personality but on our impressions of other people's expectations.

As the years go by, we become identified with this mask, with this "double" who is not our real self. So we pass our true life by, unless we make an effort to recognise and accept what we are, deep down.

We lay down the essentials of our map of the world during the first three years of life. Even if the general "lie of the land" is hard or almost impossible to cope with, it's still not easy to escape from it when the opportunity presents itself, because this means stepping out of the known and abandoning our familiar viewpoints to venture into new and uncharted territory.

So during our childhood, from the moment we are born, we tend to create a very limited set of rules for the functioning of the world because we don't feel the need to explore beyond our basic need for financial, physical, emotional and mental security.

As a result of negative conditioning suffered during the first three years of life, individuals form their map of the world based on three types of negative beliefs the strength of which will vary. These will have the effect of hindering the flow of life-energy through the first three chakras, thus preventing the person from finding inner peace and love, from being in contact with the Soul (which happens through the Heart Chakra).

In energy terms, this manifests itself through kinds of "filters" operating within the first chakras, which trap the energy in the first levels of consciousness, preventing an opening of the heart which is the gateway to the Soul.

As long as these energy "filters" are present, the human being remains more or less exclusively focused on the first levels of consciousness: he neurotically repeats the same type of experience over and over again, as he unconsciously tries to sort out the complexes that lie at the root of his negative conditioning.

So what are these three kinds of "negative" beliefs?

· Here are some illustrations of how the first negative belief might be expressed: "I don't have the right to exist", or "I have no place…", "I don't deserve to live…".

If, during his first year, a baby has had problems in terms of security (due to his relationship with his mother for example), this will have important repercussions on his adult life. To some degree, he will develop the idea that he does not deserve to exist, that he has no place on earth, etc.

This tends to cause various difficulties in life, such as: problems of a material nature, poor asset management, erratic and turbulent relationship with money (for example: inability to manage a bank account, perpetual money problems, spending more than you earn, etc.), problems managing time (often being late, forgetting appointments, etc.), professional instability (frequent job changes, etc.), physical instability (often moving home), not knowing how to dress, dietary problems (neglecting bodily needs, etc.), excretion problems (constipation), anxieties about death, phobias, disturbed sleep, dislike of being touched or touching others, etc.

· The second negative belief may be expressed as follows: "I don't deserve to be loved…"

When a young child often finds that he can't satisfy his need for love, affection, tenderness, he forms this kind of negative belief. Deep inside himself, he becomes convinced that he cannot be loved because he isn't "worth" it. This will have a huge impact on his existence. He will choose between several types of strategy. Either he will cut himself off emotionally, or adopt the kind of behaviour that will provoke rejection from the people around him, or assume a false character which is more pleasing to his parents and milieu, by stifling his own identity.

The emotional wounds suffered during childhood subsequently engender a variety of problems such as: abandonism (subconscious fear of being abandoned…), emotional dependence, attention-seeking, various addictions (nicotine, alcohol, drugs, etc.), jealousy and possessiveness, a desire to please at all costs, fear of solitude, suppression of emotions, sexual problems, dietary problems (gaining satisfaction from eating to substitute for emotional satisfaction), neuroses, unbalanced attitude to giving/receiving, etc.

Those in whom this kind of negative belief predominates erect an internal barrier which separates them from their emotional wound which is too painful to bear consciously. For example, they only live "in their head", cutting themselves off from their feelings and emotions, because they know that deep down there is great distress.

Others deliberately create antipathies with other people. They behave in this way in order to actually provoke rejection, which allows them to throw the responsibility onto others ("nobody loves me - it's their fault"). Deep down, the real belief is "nobody loves me because I'm not worthy of love", and this subconscious belief is countered by transferring the blame onto others. To effect this transferral, the individual does everything possible to make sure that others reject him and lose interest in him.

· The third negative believe may be expressed as follows: "I'm incompetent", with variations like: "I'm useless", "I'm worthless".

This kind of belief stems from the child's relationship with his father, and especially the interest the father has/hasn't shown in the child, by spending time with him and nurturing his abilities and talents in particular. The child who hasn't received enough paternal support regarding his value and competence develops the belief that he's not really a valuable or capable person. An element of doubt about his own worth is planted in his mind.

The "feedback" that the father gives him, through his presence and contact (or lack of it), will have a direct influence on the future social identity of the child. When he finds no mirror or example represented in his father, he cannot find the self-confidence he needs to develop. This results in a complex about his identity and value which will then be expressed in various ways, all relating to self-assertion: submission or domination (in inter-personal relations), desperate search for recognition, poor self-image, inability to be assertive or realise potential, suppressed anger and aggression, social effacement or conversely a great thirst for power, career problems, demanding or aggressive tone of voice, rejection or fear of authority, feeling of superiority or inferiority, neuroses, perfectionism, activism, etc.

One can therefore see that when these negative conditioning "filters" are hindering the proper functioning of the lower chakras (Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus), everything is thrown out of balance. Consequently, the other higher chakras can no longer capture universal cosmic energy either.

Fortunately, this chakra-blocking process which causes various problems in life is not irreversible: you simply need to re-balance and re-open the chakras to that life-energy, so that they are perfectly able once more to capture the cosmic forces emanating from the current of energy which flows through the Universe… and surrounds every living organism.

Then one can re-create what I call one’s own "cosmic circuits of personal luck", seize lucky opportunities once more, and become the creator of a full and happy life.

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· Pluto is the slowest planet of the zodiac: it takes around 240 years to travel right round the zodiac. It’s most recent spell in Capricorn was from 1776 to 1791.

· World astrology works on the basis that every country is represented by a sign of the zodiac. Capricorn influences and guides some countries, such as the British Isles, China and the whole of Asia.

· Pluto is a planet of transformation and Capricorn represents the sign allied to power. Its last transit coincided with the French revolution, the creation of the United States, power struggles with the hierarchical status quo and the independence of peoples. Even before this, in around 1530, Pluto in Capricorn saw the introduction by Henry VIII of Anglicism, causing a schism with the Catholic church. The same period that saw the American Independence, 1776-1791, also corresponds to the disintegration of English supremacy in the Americas. So you could say that both the United States and the UK are both facing a period of transformation. It’s also the first time the US will see the return of Pluto to its original position (for around 240 years).

· Capricorn also represents regions of Asia in a state of flux. Buddhism may well see a resurgence, while Christianity and Islam are entering periods of schism and division (see 1530 and Anglicism). Capricorn corresponds to drought and famine and revolution. The last transit of Pluto through Capricorn (1762) coincided with the decline of the Monarchy that lay at the root of the French revolution in 1789.

It’s important to note that the French Revolution was in fact part of a chain of revolutions playing out across western Europe and the Americas: the American Revolution (1770-1783), revolutionary troubles in Ireland and England (1780-1783), revolution in the United Provinces (1783-1787), democratic revolutions in Geneva (1766-1768 and 1782), all under the influence of Pluto in Capricorn.


The planet Pluto came back into Capricorn on January 26th 2008 and will stay there until March 24th, 2023, on which date it will move into Aquarius. But the phenomenon of retrogradation (2° by Capricorn on April 03, 2008) will mean it will be back for several months (from June 15th to November 27th) in the sign of Sagittarius.

Many astrologers think this period will be crucial for the major changes that will figure in the future of the Earth.

Pluto in Sagittarius and terrorism We have seen that the passage of Pluto through the Fire sign of Sagittarius coincided with a surge of religious extremism and a proliferation of acts of terrorism, reaching their climax with the events of September 11th 2001.

But Pluto, like all the planets, has a negative function and a positive function: it has also allowed humanity to step up a gear in communication techniques and computer networks. In fact, the Internet has literally exploded since 1996, the date on which Pluto entered Sagittarius.
What should we expect to happen to us with Pluto in Capricorn? …
We caught a first glimpse of things to come towards the end of January 2008, at the very moment when the planet entered this sign in its slightest degree.
The world of finance was shocked to learn that a lowly trader at the French bank Société Générale had in fact lost this company 5 billion euros thanks to ‘an elaborate portfolio of fictitious transactions’.

Pluto in Capricorn and the end of capitalismThis Earth sign and its planet Saturn correspond to "everything that is hard and everything that lasts".
In this case, the Law, the property market (Saturn= stone), the authorities and the banking institutions, not to forget the education system.

And that’s just the start, since we know that the Plutonian metamorphosis is set to continue through to 2023!
As far as the property market is concerned, the crisis is well and truly underway in the US, with the sub-prime (risky loans) scandal, with banks having granted mortgages at variable rates without concerning themselves with the possible insolvency of its debtors.

Of course, other Western countries – including France – run the risk of going down the same path and this may lead, sooner or later to a world economic recession. This may be the case, but it doesn’t mean we need necessarily fear cataclysmic upheaval. We should, rather, be studying the positive consequences of the Plutonian mutation into Capricorn.It is now clear that the stock exchange system has spun out of control, even if all the specialists agree that the ‘crashes’ of the past can be more easily avoided than before. But, for some years now, the signs have become more and more blatant, and people are starting to work out just how it is that the banks have so much money.

They are increasingly coming to the realisation that this money is virtual, that speculation is not only unfair but also ever more dangerous for the world economy. Isn’t it unfair that a mere trader can earn millions of euros in a single day while so little is done to help the poor?

On May 17th, 1792, the New York stock exchange came into being when 24 brokers decided to apply a uniform rate of commission to all sales of stock. ‘Wall Street’, the largest financial market in the world, was born!
If we look at the astral chart corresponding to that day, we see that Pluto was polarised against the Sun-Mercury duo in Taurus, and the Moon, allied to Saturn, was opposing Jupiter-Neptune.

In other words: the fight was on!

The divide between the rich and the poor gets wider year after year, with African countries suffering increasingly from famine, the impact of global warming becoming ever more costly and the invention of so-called climate refugees!
Conclusion: the time has well and truly come to reform the world of finance. And it’s Pluto that will drive this change over the coming fifteen years. Capitalism is, quite clearly, living its last few years, at least in its current form, since it is damaging the economic stability of the planet.

Pluto is, rightly, called "The Great Upholder of the Law": it takes the lid of intrigues, plots, embezzlements, frauds, injustices and scams. So this major clean-up may see in a new era of greater transparency in banking, new rules governing stock exchanges and most importantly: a fairer and more balanced distribution of wealth.
At the same time, however, all excesses are possible. So we have to expect a long-term accommodation crisis, an economic recession and extremely tense relations between world governments. Since the cyclical indices are set to hit their lowest point in 2017, we may assume that hope will return from that crucial year onwards, setting things back on a more even keel and laying the foundations of a new world from 2023 (truly the start of the Age of Aquarius?).

Of course, everything depends not only on the free will of humanity as a whole, but also on the free will of each individual!

We mustn’t forget that every drop of the Ocean contributes, in its own, unique way.
The end of the year 2008 will reveal whether the definitive ingress of Pluto in Capricorn will coincide with these changes, for better or for worse!



1st decan: 21 au 31/03 * 2nd decan: 1st to 11/04 * 3rd decan: 12 to 20/04

· Love life and relationships

Your magnetism and your powers of seduction will win everyone over. Nobody will be able to deny you anything, and the confidence and sympathy you inspire will have all caving in to your every whim. This makes now a great time to set your plans in action, whatever their nature: you’ll do very well! In your personal life, don’t see the improvements in your love-life as granting you carte blanche to do whatever you like. There’s nothing wrong with spending more time with your family and being more available to them.

1st decan: Mercury and Mars are on your side; this is a time during which you’ll feel like getting out and seeing a bit of the world. It’s not out of the question that someone will fall for your – heightened – charm, just as Spring arrives and awakens the senses.

2nd decan: your exchanges and contacts will be favoured by the intelligence and adroitness Mercury will confer on you. If you’re with your partner: romantic weekends and special time together, nothing will upset your equilibrium.
If you’re single: your openness of spirit will open doors for you.

3rd decan: Jupiter is clearly backing out of your decan. Is your dialogue with your partner beset with misunderstandings? Don’t exhaust yourself for nothing. Draw on your generosity and let it be your guide.

· Career/Activities/Finances

This month risks being marked by self-doubt. You’ll be second asking yourself about your future and some of you will even be envisaging a radical change. Proceed with caution and don’t rush to take the first proposal that comes your way. Elsewhere in your life, you may dream of moving home or investing in the purchase of a house or apartment. Here too, more haste less speed; take your time looking into the place where you want to settle down…

1st decan: with Mercury and Mars in your segment from the 11th onwards, you may make use of a contact and take a courageous decision. You’ll certainly have the opportunity to consolidate your assets or invest.

2nd decan: your dynamism and motivation will be untouchable from the 11th onwards. Your efficiency and creativity will work wonders. But watch out! Your tastes and needs may take you beyond the limits of your budget.

3rd decan: you should plan for a few problems at work and/or in the finances. The recession of Jupiter will brings its share of frustrations, delays and higher than anticipated expenses.

· Form/Health

Mars’ support from the 10th onwards will mark the beginning of a surge in your energy levels. Learn how to ration your efforts and don’t push yourself too far. It would be a really good idea to keep a closer eye on your blood pressure. Since the start of the year you’ve tended to lead a more pressured existence, so a little caution right now would be wise. Try to take a lighter view of things.

1st decan: you’re being given a freer rein, giving you a boost and the drive to turn ideas to action.

2nd decan: your energy levels are rising and physically you’re getting stronger, thanks to the mental stimulus of Mercury and Gemini, from the 3rd to the 26th.

3rd decan: the Venus-Saturn trigon in an Earth sign brings you an opportunity to make the most of all life has to offer without fear of overexertion. Keep one priority in mind to ensure you maintain your equilibrium: a healthy lifestyle.



1st decan: 21 to 30/04 * 2nd decan: 1 to 11/05 * 3rd decan: 12 to 20/05

· Love life and relationships

Venus is passing through your sign in your birthday month; this means your love life will come to the fore. Singletons may meet their soul mate: the 5th and 6th will be red-letter days, followed by the 13th and 14th. On these days, Venus, Jupiter and the Moon will combine to form a trio that will augur extremely well for the quality and solidity of a forthcoming union. For couples, if your relationship seems to be floundering, it may gain a second wind and you’ll set off again on a sounder base.

1st decan: Venus is boosting your love life. If you’ve been having doubts about your relationship, you’ll finally get the feeling that you are where you want to be. Are you seeking security? The time is now right to talk about the future.

2nd decan: the new Moon of the 5th, which happens in your decan, may give you a glimpse of a new direction you could take to consolidate your relationship. If you’re single, you’ll have the wind in your sails.

3rd decan: Venus will be sending you good vibrations and giving you a great opportunity to meet someone around the 20th. This could be good, so don’t miss it under any circumstances!

· Career/Activities/Finances

The first two weeks of the month will be a time to get things moving. The Jupiter-Sun trigon that will support your energy levels, assisted, from the 10th onwards by the Mars quadrate, could mark an important stage in your life! The Sun tends to guide you, consolidating your actions and ensuring your projects go the distance, with the back-up of Jupiter’s powers of expansion, development and success. If you were born between the 6th and the 20th of May, this planetary configuration will have a particular impact on you.

1st decan: The presence in your decan of Venus in your decan, in the Saturn trigon, drives you to get responsibly involved in all your projects. Why not make your assets work for you? The time is right!

2nd decan: mobilise all your energies towards the success of your goals: Mercury brings you immense skill in business matters, and the money will flow. You’ll adapt to your circumstances and make the most of them. It’s all systems go!

3rd decan: over the course of this month, take the time to work out some wise strategies. From the 16th onwards, Venus in Jupiter’s trigon will protect you and bring you success. An influx of cash may come at just the right time.

· Form/Health

Anxiety and nerves…bad news for the digestion, possibly entailing stomach upsets. Why are you so agitated? There’s nothing to be gained and, what’s worse, it may make you ill. Re-centre yourself and eat at regular mealtimes; it will do your stomach, and your mood, the world of good.

1st decan: your charms will be effortlessly at their peak on the 5th, and your lucky stars will shower all their gifts on you.

2nd decan: the Venus-Jupiter trigon will make you see everything on a grand scale; a good month of May, rich in promise …

3rd decan: you’re leading a very organised existence, dealing with every area of your life without any shortage of energy. Mars passes through Leo on the 10th bringing with it dynamism for you. Those born on the 19th, 20th and 21st may be affected by the full moon of the 20th: difficulty sleeping, restless nights, waking up in a bad mood and suffering all the next day. Take care when travelling: absent-mindedness is a distinct possibility.



1st decan: 21 to 31/05 * 2nd decan: 1 to 10/06 * 3rd decan: 11 to 21/06

· Love life and relationships

From the 3rd onwards, your planet Mercury will be paying you a little visit. You’ll feel great in your own skin and ready to talk to anybody about anything. You won’t find yourself at a loss for words, quite the contrary in fact! Mind you don’t « slip–up » in the words you choose or you may say something you’ll regret; go easy on those you engage in conversation with, and it’ll be you that comes out on top in the end.

1st decan: if your heart is beating like a drum, listen to the tune it’s playing. Before the 27th, plan a romantic weekend with your lover. Mercury is « with you »: the conditions are ideal for setting off on a trip and whispering sweet nothings.

2nd decan: you’ll enjoy a passionate atmosphere which will see you keen to kindle even the tiniest spark. You’ll definitely want to test your powers of seduction by making yourself as attractive as possible…but watch out for impulse buys.

3rd decan: on the 10th, Mars will be giving your libido a boost and filling you with sultry desire. You’ll feel like breaking out of the mould and drawing on all your powers of invention to surprise your partner. On the 20th it’ll be all systems go!

· Career/Activities/Finances

Don’t waste your time talking endlessly about things that really don’t matter and might even tarnish your image, which would be a shame. Make the most of Mars’ support from the 10th onwards to refocus your efforts and your brainpower on launching a project or reviewing some of your priorities. Mercury will help you come up with the best and most efficient defence, and you’ll also have the backing of Mars which will give you the courage to stand firm and not be put off by anything.

1st decan: from the 3 onwards, the return of Mercury into your decan will boost your potential. You’ll have every asset you need to succeed. Decide on your angle of attack, and from the 21st, success is guaranteed!

2nd decan: at the start of the month, you’ll be wavering and quibbling over the tiniest detail strikes you as being off the mark. But after the 10th, there’ll be no more hesitation. Driven by nerves of steel, you’ll not be short of convincing words.

3rd decan: the withdrawal of Jupiter, from the 10th onwards, will put the brakes on growth. You’ll put some smart tricks into play to go against the tide, but you’ll need to be super-bold if you want them to pay off.

· Form/Health

You need to channel your energy if you don’t want to see it go to waste! You tend to want to be everywhere at once and you won’t be able to sustain a pace like that for long. Don’t forget the words of Saturn: stay calm and take your time.

1st decan: don’t lose touch with your body, have the sense to look after it. Balance your activities between mind and body.

2nd decan: Venus has moved into the sign of Taurus and will be there till the 24th, impelling you gently to listen to your body. You tend to wear yourself out, swinging between nervous highs and stressed-out lows.

3rd decan: from the 10th you come into competition with yourself. Nothing will stop you, not even Saturn. You’re in an Air sign; consider breathing something other than the city air!



1st decan: 22/06 to 1/07 * 2nd decan: 2 to 12/07 * 3rd decan: 13 to 22/07

· Love life and relationships

Through to the 24th Venus’ sextile will make everything easier in your relationships. This Venusian note will be in total harmony with your lunar temperament and accentuate your charm and the wisdom of your words. The Venusian influence will also have an impact on your love life; if things haven’t been moving forward very fast, you will now find the magic formula to bring back well-being and complicity. For singletons, this month of May could be heady and somewhat overwhelming: in fact, everything is in place for you to plan a life together with your chosen one.

1st decan: your horizons are broadening, and your social circle too is widening. It’s not curiosity you’re lacking, nor your sense for hunting down that rare pearl.

2nd decan: you instinctively know you were made to enjoy the happiness of coupledom. The new moon of the 5th will drive you to place more importance on the quality of your relationships.

3rd decan: until the 24th, Venus will create such a pleasant climate it would be rude not to make the most of it. You’ll have the wind in your sails, so you can whisper sweet nothings without fear of disturbance.

· Career/Activities/Finances

You’ll benefit from the Sun-Venus-Saturn triple sextile, all with the support of Uranus. These configurations are very fertile and creative. It would be a great idea if you moved up a gear and showed a bit of daring! You need to locate all the support you need from people in high places. As far as your money is concerned, this is also a time when you may see your income increase or find a more profitable activity sector. In fact, the ball is in your court.

1st decan: until the 10th you won’t be able to keep a secret; avoid spilling the beans, even to someone who appears trustworthy or your words may come back to haunt you.

2nd decan: you’re evolving in a favourable climate. Your relations with those around you are pleasant, and there’s a bond that’s growing stronger. Your plans will move ahead in a positive direction until the 20th and will be followed by a financial bonus.

3rd decan: Jupiter withdraws from the 10th onwards obliging you to draw discreetly on your resources. Things slow down over the course of the month. Now’s a good time to sort out legal and financial obligations.

· Form/Health

Your stamina and strength of character will help you to take the initiative and overcome any obstacle that may crop up in your path. But be careful not too push yourself too far, your health isn’t iron clad. Take care and look after yourself.

1er decan: on the 5th, a change of direction: you’ll have nerves of steel and a feeling of excitement. Make the most of life. Your digestion problems will disappear.

2nd decan: a magical brightness lights up your skies. Nobody will be able to upset you and you’ll see how the red carpet is rolled out for you. Mars in Leo, on the 10th, gives you the determination to participate regularly in a physical or sporting activity.

3rd decan: on the 24th, Venus comes to the end of its time in Gemini. You’re filled with an urge to flit from one thing to the next, be careful not to spend your energies unwisely. You’re going to need them.



1st decan: 23/07 to 2/08 * 2nd decan: 3 to 12/08 * 3rd decan: 13 to 22/08

· Love life and relationships

Over the course of this month you’ll be placing more emphasis on your friendships. Basically, you’ll feel a need to re-establish old ties and see your friends more often. The Venusian influence of Taurus will play a major role in increasing this desire. But don’t be surprised if some of them don’t respond immediately, you need to give them a little time. Your love life will go through some ups and downs, but without consequence.

1st decan: Mercury is playing a few tricks! Until the 11th, your flair guides you towards people likely to share the pleasures of life with you. From the 25th onwards, you’ll have extraordinary powers of seduction.

2nd decan: on the 5th, a dissonant moon: disappointment. You’ve laid your cards on the table without hiding anything, but next time you won’t be satisfied with lukewarm sentiments and shallow signs of friendship.

3rd decan: Neptune metamorphoses your dreams into reality. An magnetic attraction? Watch out on the twelfth stroke of midnight: your carriage may turn back into a pumpkin and your prince, an ugly toad.

· Career/Activities/Finances

From the 10th onwards, Mars will be paying you a visit that will do you a world of good! In your exchanges you’ll find shorter is better, and this will see you placing more emphasis on action and specific plans. If you’re of a mind to change the direction of your career, modify the way you organise your work at the moment or perhaps a complete transformation, you can tell yourself that some great opportunities may be on their way. But before that, you need to knuckle down to the job in hand.

1st decan: through until the 10th you’ll have an excellent spirit of cooperation with your colleagues and associates. Ingenious ideas will open you up to new horizons to you.

2nd decan: you may find a new job or take on more responsibilities, because people will trust you. Throw yourself in wholeheartedly.

3rd decan: believe in yourself and don’t let anyone steer you off your course between the 11th and the 21st. After this, luck will smile on you financially; you’ll be highly intuitive.

· Form/Health

There will be some anxiety and impatience in the air! Of course, this will have an impact on your health. Digestive problems are to be feared, perhaps accompanied by headaches. Cut back on your food intake and do some exercise to work out your aggression.

1st decan: start taking it easy, or you might set your heart racing…nothing too serious, but you need to stop torturing yourself.

2nd decan: on the 10th, Mars enters Leo; you’ll be full of charm and all excited. Watch out, though, you’re at risk of pushing yourself too far…

3rd decan: good vitality. You’ll feel like partying, going out as much as possible and setting the bar high. You’ll have no need to dose yourself up on vitamin C.



1st decan: 23/08 to 1/09 * 2nd decan: 2 to 13/09 * 3rd decan: 14 to 22/09

· Love life and relationships

Venus will be supporting you throughout the month. So you can treat yourself to a few whims, nobody would hold it against you, since your charm and delights will soften even the hardest heart; you’ll have the « edge ». Love at first sight or the desire for adventure may bowl you over. If you’re in a relationship, watch out for the consequences, don’t play with fire. If you’re single, you’ll be given a choice that won’t be easy to make. Follow your heart…

1st decan: Venus and Saturn link up in earth signs. You’ll be on the receiving end of joyous affection that will be worth its weight in gold. Time is your staunch ally; count on it to strengthen the bonds.

2nd decan: people will notice you and pay you compliments. Your secret hopes may well be fulfilled. But with Mercury flitting from pillar to post, you’ll be busy gathering nectar without asking yourself too many questions.

3rd decan: Jupiter and Mars, followed by Venus will be heating up your decan. But your heart is so cold, anaesthetised almost. Good idea: a romantic getaway might help you rediscover the passion of your early days!

· Work/Activities/Finances

An amazing planetary constellation in harmony with your desires. Basically, you’ll have the benefit of some weighty support: the Sun, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn! This is what is going to bring you potential opportunities in several, varied areas. Don’t be surprised if you receive an offer that sets you centre stage. All the more so if Saturn gets involved in the mix, and brings its rigour and solidity to everything you undertake.

1st decan: you can expect to get some personal or financial satisfaction. If you’re on a training course, you’ll get great results.

2nd decan: if you don’t like the situation you’re in, you can leave it behind you, or start something new, if you’re looking for work. Don’t allow yourself to be financially duped.

3rd decan: luck in games of chance does exist, if you believe in it. An opportunity becomes clearer after the 18th. And, your intuition is heightened. Be on the lookout for signs and follow your gut instincts.

· Form/Health

With determination and stamina, you’ll always be first in line. You just need to hope you can stay the course, which will be more likely if you don’t push yourself too far. And in view of the power of the planetary forces this month, it’s highly unlikely you’ll be taking the path of wisdom and level-headedness.

1st decan: you absolutely must get some fresh air because you’re tending to become overwhelmed by your overexcited nerves. Repeat this affirmation to yourself: « A liberated mind hits the health jackpot »

2nd decan: Venus in Taurus, a friendly sign, is inciting you to put the emphasis on your sensuality. Dare to have your hair cut in a new style, and inject a little fantasy into your outfits. It’s a mood-lifter.

3rd decan: on the 10th, Mars comes back into Leo. You’ll be on sparkling form, leaving all your worries behind you, feeling secure and with both feet firmly on the ground.



1st decan: 23/09 to 2/10 * 2nd decan: 3 to 13/10 * 3rd decan: 14 to 22/10

· Love life and Relationships

Stars under the auspices of Venus can bring nothing but good. Your enthusiasm and youthful determination overcome any obstacle, including the most extreme situations and the gloomiest minds. Nothing will be able to stand in your way because basically, nothing will really get under your skin. You’ll be a million miles away from all the little daily hassles and gossip…you’ll feel you have better things to do and you’ll be absolutely right. Your colleagues and friends will both enjoy your company and your mood. In fact, you’ll cheer them up with your confidence and laid-back attitude.

1st decan: Venus is dancing a divine ballet in your stars this May. Is it an indication of an irresistible and passionate attraction? Work may well provide the backdrop.

2nd decan: Mercury in a friendly sign opens up your horizons. There’s a lot to discover, life is a big playing field where you can play some pretty good love games. So be happy!

3rd decan: an encounter grips you body and soul. Neptune catches you in its net but, thanks to Mercury, you keep your feet on the ground. From the 17th onwards, be on your maximum guard.

· Career/Activities/Finances

The combination of the influences of Mercury and Mars is a very profitable one for you. Your determination, and your intellectual and physical agility will amaze. In fact, you’ll command respect quite naturally, since nobody will have anything to reproach you for and it will be clear to all that there’s no point in picking a fight with you, since you will remain quite implacable. Make the most of the 15th, 16th and 17th to show what you’re capable of, and stand up for your beliefs because your words will take root and may bear their fruits.

1st decan: lucky opportunities for social expansion from the 5th onwards. Your circle of friends will be broadened. If you put your mind to it, your success is guaranteed. An expense will be incurred on the 20th.

2nd decan: you don’t like the way things are going for you? Now’s the time to analyse things and take the appropriate steps. React, you won’t regret it!

3rd decan: if you’re involved in any legal proceedings, you’re set to win your case. The resulting financial damages will allow you to set your plans in motion.

· Form/Health

Your energy levels will be at their very highest. Don’t squander this vitality on pointless activities, though, you have more important things to do. Keep some in reserve, the year’s not over yet.

1st decan: your good looks reflect your mood: on top form.

2nd decan: Mercury in the sign of Gemini is as good as can be for your mood, and so for your health too.

3rd decan: on the 10th Mars will land in the sign of Leo, with Venus in Taurus. You’ll feel like taking it easy, dreaming of lazing in the sunshine while gaining a golden tan…a foretaste of summer, basically.



1st decan: 23/10 to 2/11 * 2nd decan: 3 to 11/11 * 3rd decan: 12 to 21/11

· Love Life and Relationships

The Sun-Venus duo is facing you head-on! Now’s the time take a good, hard look at yourself, acknowledge your faults, your excesses, perhaps even your wrongs against some of your friends…Perhaps you’ve been taking things a bit too far recently, and it would be a good idea to adopt a more positive attitude. Your partner will, once again, understand where you’re coming from, but don’t expect him to be thrilled about it all the same. Elsewhere, one of your friends may be harbouring bad feelings about you. It’s up to you to find the right words to calm them down.

1st decan: Mercury in Gemini will make your conversation fluid. You’ll have just the right words to describe your emotions and facilitate your exchanges. Venus in Taurus will reignite your powers of seduction and magnetism.

2nd decan: Mars has taken up its throne in Leo, making you shine. An affair entered into without too much thought could turn into a more serious relationship. You’ll come out of this gamble without losing your clarity of mind.

3rd decan: are your partners little foibles driving you mad? It’s the new moon of the 5th that’s irking you. What with Mercury opposing your sign and Venus making eyes at you, May looks like being a lively month.

· Work/Activities/Finances

You’ll be able to express your authority freely. Some introspection is on the cards: you can expect to need to review some of your priorities in your current workload. This may also involve taking on more responsibilities, which you may initially struggle with. Restrictions and delays are on the cards, requiring persistent and depth on your part, as well as a clear plan of action. But these changes won’t be negative, because Jupiter, which will have a hand in all this, signals an evolution, a step forward, that can’t be taken when everything is plain sailing.

1st decan: until the 10th, take some time to think about in interview, so you can really consider the offer in great detail. Mars will push you to defend your interests.

2nd decan: until the 20th, the Sun and Venus in harmony with Jupiter will allow your efforts to be rewarded. A promotion or a cash bonus will follow soon after. If this happens, focus on communication!

3rd decan: be careful not to crow about your victory, because towards mid-May, the dissonant Venus-Neptune aspect brings disappointment or disillusion. Wait for the full Moon of the 20th to feel secure about it.

· Form/Health

You’ll have excellent stamina and will be feeling pretty much invincible; you should, however, avoid doing anything that will send your blood pressure soaring and plummeting. Make sure you don’t burn the candle at both ends and take more care of your health. You don’t listen to your body enough: look after yourself.

1st decan: Venus passing through Taurus is facing your sign. This opposition could have spelt trouble for you, but instead it will increase your love of food even more. Watch out for those unwanted inches…

2nd decan: you have so much confidence in your health you’re at risk of exhausting your energy reserves. Take care, or you may find yourself paying the consequences at a later date.

3rd decan: Mercury enters Gemini: you’ll be beset with paradoxes: intellectual stimulation and physical relaxation, moral rigour and gastronomic anarchy.



1st decan: 22/11 to 1/12 * 2nd decan: 2 to 11/12 * 3rd decan: 12 to 20/12

· Love Life and Relationships

The opposition of Mercury will push you centre stage. If you want recognition, your wish is about to come true! In fact, someone may ask you to play the role of judge or give your point of view in an important problem. Be careful and avoid getting too deeply involved. As for the rest, Saturn will be pitted against Mercury, so if you can keep out of the way, do…. If not, employ all your skills. Caution is advised on the 6th, 7th and 8th, because the Moon will be getting in the mix.

1st decan: the momentum of Mars in Leo corresponds to a period of growth in all directions that hold an interest for you. Are you starting out on a campaign of seduction? You’re holding the reins.

2nd decan: Mercury in the sector of love relationships triggers a positive wave you need to cultivate without delay. You’ll also feel you have the wind in your sails, and will be thirsting for discoveries and adventures.

3rd decan: Mercury is filling you with innovative ideas. A romantic trip may give you a change of scenery that will be full of surprises on a personal level.

· Career/Activities/Finances

Over the course of this month you’d do very well to watch what’s going on around you, and avoid getting involved in any of the activities that are starting up among your group of friends. Make the most of this slower, more watchful phase to consolidate your position calmly. Even more so since from the 10th onwards, when you’ll have Mars on your side. The atmosphere may become so tense you feel like ‘putting the record straight’; resist the temptation, allow the storm to blow over and steer clear of any conflict. Most importantly, don’t allow your pride or anger to get the better of you, or you’ll come out the other side empty-handed.

1st decan: a challenge will present itself. You start off impetuously and make good progress. From the new moon of the 5th onwards: agreements, contracts…everything gets tied up. It’s not out of the question that you’ll pocket a tidy sum of money.

2nd decan: with Jupiter in your sector, you have nothing to fear, except seeing all the effort you’ve invested this month rewarded with good things.

3rd decan: an excellent month that starts off with the making of successful agreements. Negotiations are easy, except towards the 21st. You’ll be moving in the right direction: your motivation and enthusiasm will be on the up.

· Form/Health

From the second half of the month onwards you’ll enjoy rude health and remarkable physical and intellectual dynamism. It’ll be difficult to keep you in your place! But, it would be wise to put your feet up and rest for five minutes every now and then.

1st decan: you have a good appetite but a rapid metabolism. You’ve got time to perfect your body before summer…You’d love to play on your physique.

2nd decan: thanks to Mars in Leo, you’ll rediscover your sparkling form; you so adore feeling invincible. Your sporting figure and charisma surface once again.

3rd decan: you’re a great gourmet, and enjoy yourself most over evenings of rich food. Don’t overburden your liver. Put an end to this sometimes rather too « chaotic » lifestyle.



1st decan: 21 to 31/12 * 2nd decan: 1st to 9/01 * 3rd decan: 10 to 20/01

· Love Life and Relationships

A period of relaxation. The Sun-Venus duo will be supporting you. The troubled atmosphere of the previous month will gradually disappear. Now’s the time for having fun with your friends and organising evenings out to get closer to them. Your partner will be amazingly supportive and their loving attention will give you reassurance that your relationship is solid, if you need it. For singletons this could be a very good period on the emotional level (the 13th and 14th in particular).

1d decan: Venus and Saturn send you their best wishes: love teams up with your pragmatism! You’ll achieve great things if you follow your intuition and if you believe a little in fairy tales.

2nd decan: Venus is on your side; if you’re seeking your alter ego, allow yourself to be led by your intuition, because now’s the time to let your inner guide take the reins. He knows the way to your heart.

3rd decan: Venus, opposing Neptune, gives you a romantic soul that may take its victims. A candlelit dinner is the best thing for times like these!

· Career/Activities/Finances

The Sun-Jupiter trigon will be making its splendid presence felt! For some of you this month could well mark the start of a new role or an important development with more responsibility to boot, or a radical change of activity sector. You’ll need to be cautious, and look carefully into the type of work that’ offered to you, because there may be bits of it you don’t like. So don’t rush in and analyse the pros and cons thoroughly before you commit yourself to anything.

1st decan: you’ll benefit from the positive influences of Venus and Saturn, and make excellent progress, although your journey is far from over. You should already be reaping some of the rewards though.

2nd decan: everything is looking up. If you’re looking for a job, you’ll have an opportunity to be taken on. If not, you’ll be remunerated for your skills. The pace of your activities will speed up.

3rd decan: this is your lucky month: Venus and Jupiter will join forces in your decan, in the sextile of Uranus. The result: luck will be doubly on your side: either through « chance », or quite simply thanks to your intuition.

· Form/Health

You’re in good health, both physically and psychologically. The Sun-Jupiter tandem is not there for nothing. But despite having the stamina, you shouldn’t push yourself too far. You do have your limits so learn to recognise them… Also, don’t go to bed too late if you want your days to run smoothly.

1st decan: Venus is appealing for a swift return to form after a rather gloomy April. The confidence you draw from your much-improved form makes everything much simpler. Look after your hair and nails in particular.

2nd decan: you can sleep peacefully, because nothing’s going to happen to you. Well-grounded, with both feet on the ground, you can take some time to have fun and eat well.

3rd decan: Venus is in trigon with Jupiter in you sector: you’ll have everything amazingly well under control and be free to do as you please over the month of May.



1er decan: 21 to 30/01 * 2nd decan: 31/01 to 8/02 * 3rd decan: 9 to 18/02

· Love Life and Relationships

The impact of the Sun and Venus, opposed by Mars, is less than conducive to a restful atmosphere with your loved ones. You’ll have trouble holding yourself in check and nothing will escape your eyes. It goes without saying that those around you will be utterly disinclined to deal with what they will see as your mood swings. This will be the source of some fairly vehement exchanges that will achieve nothing specific. Soften your pride and acknowledge your mistakes, your anger and you’ll avoid creating a bad atmosphere. If you don’t, you’ll have to deal with the consequences.

1st decan: dissonant Venus: a romantic atmosphere that’s verging on the passionate, particularly if you stand firm and refuse to climb down. This is difficult for someone as impulsive as you.

2nd decan: similar to the 1st decan. Do you need a bit of space? Don’t give in to your nostalgia for past freedoms, you need your « other half» to feel like you’re alive.

3rd decan: you’ll either throw yourself heart and soul into an all-encompassing passion, or you’ll be in a hurry to find absolute peace on a solo holiday. Either way, the month promises powerful vibrations!

· Career/Activities/Finances

The trigon of Mercury and the opposition of Mars will help you plan your next step. This planetary duo will bring accuracy and precision to your ideas. Neptune, still present in your sign, will give you the little boost that will make all the difference with the others; at times you’ll feel favoured…Whatever happens this will be a very constructive month, but don’t expect immediate rewards. Everything will come in time…don’t stamp your feet with impatience.

1st decan: you’ll harvest the fruits of your work in February, which will give you the chance to take a step back and work out, depending on the results, whether to continue in pursuit of your goal or change tactics.

2nd decan: the new moon of the 5th is decisive. You become aware of a problem and around the 10th, you react to defend your interests, leading you to enter into agreements.

3rd decan: from the 10th onwards, you’ll emerge from a stressful period that has sorely tested your nerves. If you can, take some time off before getting back into the fray, because there are busy times to come.

· Form/Health

The promise of sunny days to come brings solace for your heart and your mood rises accordingly; you’ll have the wind in your sails. Relax at the weekends or, if you can, organise a short trip to the country or the seaside for a change of air and scenery!

1st decan: Mars and Mercury will help you take yourself in hand. It’s time to do some sport, without falling into the temptation of exhausting excess.

2nd decan: you’re feeling rather fragile and will be vulnerable to allergies. Venus impels you to make an appointment with a specialist and try a homeopathic remedy.

3rd decan: Jupiter in Capricorn becomes recessive. You’ll need to follow their instructions to the letter, or fatigue may strike. Find yourself some time to relax.



1st decan: 19 to 29/02 * 2nd decan: 1 to 9/03 * 3rd decan: 10 to 20/03

· Love Life and Relationships

You are going have some significant encounters, one of which will definitely have a lasting impact. Singletons could even meet the love of their life! Those who are involved in projects, this could mean constructive talks in this direction this month, making it possible to plan for financial developments. Be prudent, however. Before you commit yourself, find out more information about the other party.

1st decan: Venus is in the Taurean sextile of your decan: this is pretty solid. Few will dare to say no to you.

2nd decan: up until the 28th, Mercury will inject some fantasy into your declarations of love and put just the right words in your mouth to express your emotions. You’ll spoil yourself.

3rd decan: you won’t lack volunteers to follow your whims. Nor will you have any trouble consolidating your relationship and even planning the future.

· Career/Activities/Finances

You’ve followed instructions and are truly committed to seeing your ambitions through to the end. But seeing as you’re neither a warrior nor a social climber, there are those who have no shame in putting a spoke in the wheels to get one over on you. Don’t be afraid to put your foot down and set those who are disrespecting you in their place. Show them you do have what it takes when the situation arises. Being made a fool of is certainly not one of your objectives…

1er decan: up until the 10th the atmosphere will be riddled with upset, and you may be accused of having made a mistake. This is followed by excellent energy for initiatives. Your finances are on the up.

2ème decan: you are truly determined to show what you’re capable of and this may yield you a personal or job-related success or a windfall. Between the 10th and the 22nd, communication problems.

3rd decan: at the start of the month, agreement is signed. A new job, a new project generating extra income. Luck is with you, so innovate and make your presence felt!

· Form/Health

You won’t be able to bear waiting. But watch out for crises of impatience that will very swiftly have an impact on your nervous system. Have you thought about trying yoga or tai chi? Learning to breathe will help you to release your tensions, which will be a good thing for you and those around you. You’ll tend to snack; try to eat more at mealtimes, which will be better for your health.

1st decan: Venus brings you a surplus of stability that will make sure nobody can manipulate or push you around.

2nd decan: Saturn is urging you to instil some discipline. Keep a healthy lifestyle, without becoming obsessive about it. Pleasure, not frustration.

3rd decan: Jupiter withdraws into the sextile of your decan and Mercury is not at its best. A word of advice: retreat into your shell and wait for conditions to improve.


vendredi 4 avril 2008


Words are thoughts and emotions expressed verballyLes paroles sont des pensées et des émotions exprimées verbalement ; for this reason, it is desirable and profitableà ce titre, il est souhaitable et profitable to speakde parler thoughtfully à bon escient.

Why do you need to pay attention to your wordsPourquoi faut-il faire attention à votre parole ? ...

Because like thoughts, words are a Parce qu'à l'instar de la pensée, la parole est une magic keyclé magique with a creative powerqui possède un pouvoir créateur. This creative power belongs to youCe pouvoir créateur vous appartient en propre ; it is a gift that comes to you direct from c'est un cadeau qui vous vient directement de DieuGod. This truth is stated very clearly in the Bible Cette vérité est d'ailleurs clairement énoncée dans la Bible about the à propos de la Creéation of the Universede l'Univers :

“"In the beginning was the WordAu commencement était la Parole,
and the Word was with Godet la Parole était avec Dieu, and the Word was God.”et la Parole était Dieu".

Yes, the word truly allows you to express your creative powerOui, la parole est véritablement ce qui permet d'exprimer votre pouvoir créateur. It’s through words that you manifest thingsC'est par elle que vous manifestez les choses : however you say thingsquelle que soit votre façon de parler, your intention is shown through your wordsvotre intention se manifeste par la parole. Your words show what you dream about, what you feel and who you truly areCe dont vous rêvez, ce que vous sentez et ce que vous êtes vraiment, tout cela se manifeste par la parole.

We have become so used to trivialising the way we speak that it seems surprising that words can really be a source of powerNous avons tellement pris l'habitude de galvauder notre façon de parler qu'il semble surprenant que la parole puisse être réellement une source de pouvoir. When a thought is spokenLorsque la pensée est exprimée oralement, its energy is son énergie est turbochargedsurmultipliée, so that its power grows a lotce qui augmente considérablement sa puissance. Physical vibratory energy is added to the significance of the words, and this even applies to a simple whisperA la signification des mots s'ajoute l'énergie vibratoire purement physique, et ce même s'il s'agit d'un simple chuchotement. These vibrations also act effectively, if not more, when we speak in a language that is unknown to usCes vibrations agissent tout aussi efficacement, sinon plus, lorsqu'on s'exprime dans une langue qui nous est inconnue.

Like thoughts, words act, not just on people and animals, but also on plants, natural elements, elementary substances, objects and events, and in an extremely precise wayComme la pensée, la parole agit, non seulement sur les hommes et sur les animaux, mais aussi sur les plantes, les éléments naturels, les substances élémentaires, les objets et les événements, et de manière extrêmement précise.

It’s not a question of being an ability reserved for certain people or intervening at special momentsIl ne s'agit pas d'une faculté réservée à quelques personnes ou intervenant à des moments spéciaux ; it is natural and systematicelle est naturelle et systématique. In other wordsAutrement dit, when you speak, and no matter what you saylorsque vous parlez, et quoi que vous disiez, you really act on all parts of your environment and, especially, vous agissez réellement sur tout votre environnement et, surtout, on yourselfsur vous-même, on your body as much as your mindsur votre corps comme sur votre esprit.

If in everyday life ill-informed people do not realise thisSi dans la vie courante les personnes non averties ne s'en rendent pas compte, it is because most of them speak too muchc'est que la plupart d'entre elles parlent beaucoup, and especiallyet surtout, emit unclearly their judgments, desires and contradictory feelingsémettent indistinctement des jugements, des désirs, des sentiments contradictoires.

This makes it impossible for them to distinguish the direct consequences of their wordsDe sorte qu'il leur est impossible de distinguer ce qui est la conséquence directe de leurs paroles. What’s more, most people often only repeat ideas that they have heard, without really “digesting” themD'ailleurs, la plupart des gens ne font souvent que répéter des idées entendues ici ou là, sans les avoir réellement "digérées".

So you see that a word is not just a sound or a written symbolVous voyez donc que la parole n'est pas seulement un son ou un symbole écrit. It is a powerC'est une force ; it represents your capacity to express yourself and communicateelle représente votre capacité à vous exprimer et à communiquer, to think and à penser et thus to make events happen in your lifedonc à créer les événements de votre vie.

The word is your most powerful tool as a human being: it is a magical instrumentLa parole est votre outil le plus puissant en tant qu'être humain : c'est un instrument magique. Depending on the way that it is used, the word can free you or control you more than you can imagineSelon la façon dont elle est utilisée, la parole peut vous libérer ou vous asservir plus que vous ne l'imaginez. Like a double-edged sword, your word can create the most beautiful dreams, of beauty, love, paradise, but bad usage can destroy everything around youComme une lame à double tranchant, votre parole peut créer les rêves les plus beaux, la beauté, l'amour, le paradis, mais son mauvais usage peut tout détruire autour de vous.

So, in the mouth of a lawyer for a noble causeAinsi, dans la bouche d'un avocat au service d'une cause noble, the word can protect the rights of citizens and even save people from iniquityla parole peut préserver les droits des citoyens et même sauver des personnes de l'iniquité. While in the mouth of a manipulative tyrantTandis que dans la bouche d'un tyran manipulateur, the word has the power of stirring the fears of an entire nationde réveiller les peurs de toute une nation and leading it into war et la conduire à la guerre ! For example, think of the lead-up to World War IISongez par exemple aux circonstances qui ont conduit à la seconde guerre mondiale …

The human mind is similar to a piece of fertile ground in which seeds are continuously sownL'esprit humain est semblable à une terre fertile dans laquelle des graines sont continuellement semées : ideas, des idées, des opinions and et des cconcepts. You plant a seedVous plantez une graine (, a thought) and it une pensée et elle croîtgrows – but, malheureusementunfortunately, il s'avère souventit often proves very fertile for seeds of fear too très fertile pour les semences de la peur.

A fear or doubt sown in our mind can create a dramatic series of eventsUne peur, un doute semés dans notre esprit peuvent créer une succession dramatique d'événements … You only have to be a bit observant to notice that someone you are speaking to can be “blocked” by a simple word orIl suffit d'être un peu observateur pour s'apercevoir qu'un interlocuteur peut être "bloqué" par un simple mot ou une phrase, and then anything you say to him is useless et que tout ce que l'on peut lui dire ensuite est inutile and only makes things worseet ne fait qu'aggraver les choses.

This word or that phrase can have great Ce mot ou cette phrase peut avoir des conseéquences considérables ; said at the right momentprononcé à un moment sensible, it can make someone act or condition them for the rest of their lifeil peut faire agir quelqu'un ou le conditionner pour tout le reste de son existence. Truly, everybody is like a magicianEn vérité, chaque personne est comme un magicien : through their words they can cast a spell on someone or liberate thempar sa parole, elle peut soit jeter un sort à quelqu'un, soit l'en libérer.

Exaemples : I see a friend and voice an opinion to himJe vois un ami et lui fais part d'une opinion :
“"Oh you look mad at the tu as mauvaise mine en ce momentmoment ! You look like someone who has got cancer”La couleur de ton visage est celle des gens qui ont le cancer". If he listens to these words and if he S'il écoute cette parole et s'il est d'agreesccord with themavec, he will have cancer in less than a yearaura un cancer dans moins d'un an. Telle est la puissance de la paroleThat is the power of words.

Someone saidQuelqu'un dit : “"Look how ugly that girl isRegarde cette fille comme elle est moche !”". The girl hears this, believes that she is ugly and lets the idea that she is not pretty grow in herLa fille en question entend cela, croît qu'elle est laide et grandit avec l'idée qu'elle n'est pas belle. It doesn’t matter whether she is or notPeu importe qu'elle le soit ou non, as long as she tant qu'elle est d'agreesccord with this avec cette opinion, she will believe that she is uglyelle croira qu'elle est laide -– she will fall under the influence of a spellelle subit l'influence d'un sort.

One day, someone else grabs her attention and by his words makes her discover that she is not uglyUn jour, quelqu'un d'autre capte son attention et par sa parole lui fait découvrir qu'elle n'est pas laide. She believes this person, and as a resultElle croît cette personne, résultat : she doesn’t act as if she is ugly any moreelle n'agit plus comme si elle se sentait laide ; the spell is broken by just the power of wordsun sort est rompu par la seule puissance de la parole.

For all these reasonsPour toutes ces raisons, it is better to think before speakingil est préférable de réfléchir avant de parler. The sayingL'adage qui recommande de “think long and hard before speaking” proves its worth"tourner sept fois sa langue dans sa bouche avant de parler" prend ici toute sa valeur here.

Using a word suitably also implies not dismissing yourself, not judging or criticising yourself in the language you usetiliser convenablement la parole implique aussi de ne pas se rejeter soi-même, de ne pas se juger ou se critiquer à travers le langage employé. In other wordsAutrement dit, don’t use your words against yourselfn'utilisez pas votre parole contre vous.

This also applies to others, obviouslyCela inclus aussi autrui, bien évidemment. If, for example, Si, par exemple, you meet someone who particularly annoys you, and you treat him like an idiotvous rencontrez une personne qui vous déplait particulièrement et que vous la traitez d'imbécile (even just in your mindmême "mentalement" dans votre tête), it looks like you are using your words against himon pourrait croire que vous vous servez de la parole contre elle.

But actuallyMais en réalité, you are using your words against yourselfvous l'utilisez contre vous, because this person is going to hate you and his hatred will not do you any goodcar cette personne va vous détester et sa haine ne vous fera aucun bien. So, if you make yourself angry and you put that emotional poison into words towards himDonc, si vous vous mettez en colère et que vous lui envoyez votre poison émotionnel par la parole, you are in fact using your words against yourselfvous l'utilisez en fait contre vous-même.

Conversely, if you like yourselfA l'inverse, si vous vous aimez, you will strongly express this love in your dealing with other people and your words will then be vous exprimerez forcément cet amour dans vos interactions avec autrui et votre parole alors sera honestvraie, because this way of behaving will produce a similar reactioncar cette manière d'agir produira une réaction similaire. If you like other people, they will like youSi vous aimez les autres, les autres vous aimeront. If you insult themSi vous les insultez, they will insult youils vous insulteront. If you are egotistical with them, they will be the same with youSi vous êtes égoïste avec eux, ils le seront avec vous. If you use your words to “cast a spell” then you will also be cursedSi vous utilisez votre parole pour "jeter un sort", on vous en jettera aussi. And so onEt ainsi de suite …

Speaking honestly does not mean using words to slander, criticize, blame, destroy, nor does it mean spreading emotional poison by expressing anger, jealousy, envy or hateAvoir une parole vraie, ce n'est pas l'utiliser pour médire, critiquer, culpabiliser, détruire, répandre du poison émotionnel en exprimant la colère, la jalousie, l'envie ou la haine. Speaking the truth is a good usage of your energyAvoir une parole vraie, c'est faire un bon usage de votre énergie , it means that you will aim it in the direction of truth and love of yourselfcela signifie que vous l'utilisez dans le sens de la vérité et de l'amour de vous-même.

Don’t create chaos through your wordsNe créez pas le chaos par la parole ; understand that using words to stir up discontent between people, families, nations or different races, creates and perpetuates a hellish nightmarecomprenez que se servir des mots pour attiser la discorde entre personnes, familles, nations ou races différentes, c'est créer et perpétuer un cauchemar d'enfer. So don’t make slander your main form of Ne faites donc pas de la médisance votre principale forme de communication.

Think honestly about the number of times that you have bad-mouthed a loved one, for the sole purpose of getting others to share your point of view. au nombre de fois où vous avez médit de la personne qui vous est la plus chère, dans le seul but que les autres soutiennent votre point de vue.

To use words wellPour un bon usage de la parole, follow these few simple rulesobservez ces quelques règles simples, inen particulaier in your everyday dealings with otherslors de vos interactions quotidiennes avec autrui :

- Don’t use your words against yourselfN'utilisez pas votre parole contre vous (self-deénigrationement de soi-même, criticism, blame, que, culpabilité, shame, reproachhonte, reproches, etc.).

- Use the simplest words possibleSimplifiez au maximum votre langage. Also be as concise and precise as possibleSoyez aussi concis et précis que possible, and do not use words or n'employez pas des mots ou des expressions that you don’t understand the meaning ofdont vous ne connaissez pas le sens, because this will make your mind a little less clearcela a pour effet d'assombrir un peu plus la clarté de votre esprit.

- Do not back biteNe soyez pas médisant. This is the worst form of emotional poison whose negative energy will certainly bounce back on youC'est la pire forme de poison émotionnel dont l'énergie négative vous atteindra inéluctablement en retour : it will return to curse youcela revient à vous "jeter un sort" à vous-même !

- NeverNe share opinions on people that you don’t knowformulez jamais d'opinions sur des personnes que vous ne connaissez pas.

By following these rules, you will progressively eliminate all the emotional poison from your mind and from your personal relationshipsEn respectant ces règles, vous éliminerez progressivement tout poison émotionnel de votre esprit et de vos relations personnelles. Your words will then be purified and become powerful and relevantVotre parole va alors s'épurer et devenir puissante, pertinente … and et magicque ! You will also be immunised against all the negative wishes coming from other peopleEn outre, vous serez immunisé contre tous les sorts négatifs provenant d'autrui.

You can evaluate your degree of Vous pouvez évaluer votre degré de “fair and honest word” "parole juste et vraie" according to the love that you have for yourselfselonà l'aulne de ll'amour que vous avez pour vous-même. The intensity of love for yourself and the feelings that you have about yourself are directly proportional to the quality and the integrity of your wordL'intensité de votre amour-propre et les sentiments que vous nourrissez envers vous sont directement proportionnels à la qualité et à l'intégrité de votre parole. When your word is honestQuand celle-ci est vraie, you feel well and at peacevous vous sentez bien et en paix.

If you follow these rulesSi vous suivez ces règles, you will progressively attract luck opportunities, helpful people and beneficial situations into your lifevous allez progressivement attirer dans votre vie des opportunités chanceuses, des personnes favorables et des circonstances bénéfiques. Because this is the cosmic law called Car telle est la loi cosmique dite The Law of AffinityLoi d'Affinité : negative things attract negative things, positive things attract positive thingsle négatif attire le négatif, le positif attire le positif.

The La parole honestvraie word could lead you to freedompeut vous conduire à la liberté, success and abundanceau succès et à l'abondance. It can remove any fear and transform it into joy and loveElle peut supprimer toute peur et la transformer en joie et en amour. You could truly live a different lifeVous pouvez véritablement vivre une vie différente, live in paradise vivre au paradis in the middle of thousands of people living in hellau milieu de milliers de gens vivant en enfer, because you have become immune to this hellparce que vous êtes immunisé contre cet enfer.



Experiencing a pleasant calm and peaceful atmosphereGoûter une atmosphère paisible calme, silencieuse, makes it possible to restore your energy through the elimination of stresspermet de se régénérer en évacuant le stress. Stress is known to be the cause of numerous conflicting situationsresponsable de nombre de situations conflictuelles, health problems, and aggressivity or depression.

Being able to find an inner calmÊtre capable de trouver le calme en soi, and knowing how to “recentre” yourselfsavoir se "recentrer", is a very effective way to neutralise negative and destructive thoughts, emotions and feelingsest une manière très efficace de neutraliser les pensées, les émotions, les sentiments négatifs et destructeurs.

Since everything around you is made of energyPuisque tout autour de vous est constitué d'énergie and since you are a part of it et puisque vous-même en faites partie, it is important to learn how to recognise it and to accept the world as it isil est important d'apprendre à la reconnaître et à accepter le monde tel qu'il est.

TheL' exercisce that follows is highly recommended in order to delve into the deepest part of your soul where you will find the greatest calm and serenity possiblequi suit est vivement conseillé pour plonger au plus profond de vous-même pour trouver le plus grand calme et la plus grande sérénité possibles. Not being used to this exercise, you will have trouble finding the silence inside you the first timeN'ayant pas l'habitude de cette pratique, vous aurez peut être du mal à trouver le silence en vous dès la première fois. NeverthelessNéanmoins, after a few attemptsaprès quelques essais, you will feel more at ease with it until it becomes completely natural to you.

This exercise is a silent meditation
Cet exercice est une méditation silencieuse, i.e. being in a state of calm, serenity, interior silencec'est-à-dire avant tout un état de calme, de sérénité, de silence intérieur, where all your functions, and particularly your mind, will relaxoù toutes vos fonctions ralentissent et, en particulier, votre esprit.

Because apart from the many benefits you will gain from this daily exerciseCar en dehors des nombreux bienfaits dont peut vous faire bénéficier cet exercice quotidien, in particular it will end the interior mental “babble” and enhance your receptivity, il a la particularité de faire cesser le "babillage" intérieur mental, d'ouvrir votre réceptivité, tode vous arouse you with positiveéveiller aux vibrations positives that will attract luckqui attirent la chance. After practising this silent meditationAprès avoir pratiqué cette méditation silencieuse, you will be more conscious of all the energy circulating inside you and around youvous serez plus conscient de toute cette énergie circulant en vous et autour de vous.

The MéMedditation de laof “Infinite Serenity”"Sérénité Infinie"

Some adviceConseil : : choose a space in your house where you can sit quietlyChoisissez dans votre habitation un endroit où vous vous installerez tranquillement, a small space within a room where you can get used to using your energy un petit espace aménagé dans une pièce où vous pourrez prendre l'habitude de déployer vos énergies and et d'accroître vosincreasing your personal vibrations personnelles. It is essential that this space is away from the television, computer, hi-fi or phoneIl est primordial que cet endroit soit éloigné de tout téléviseur, ordinateur, chaîne Hi-fi, téléphon.e…

- Put a bunch of flowers in the space you have chosen in orderdans votre espace un bouquet de fleurs to establish a link with pour établir un lien avec la nature and to generate good vibrations around youet générer de bonnes vibrations autour de vous. You can burn a little incense if you preferVous pouvez brûler un peu d'encens si vous préférez, as whatever its perfumequel que soit son parfum, it will help to create a propitious il contribue à créer une ambiance propice.

- Take a shower and put on loose and comfortable clothesPrenez une douche et mettez des vêtements assez amples et confortables so you will feel pour vous sentir bien dans votre peaurelaxed – they should be made of natural materials, en tissu naturel (linen, cotton, lainewool) to encourage the circulation of universal cosmic energypour favoriser la circulation de l'énergie cosmique universelle.

- Put a chair where you can sit back, feet flat on the floorInstallez une chaise où vous pourrez vous asseoir le dos bien droit, les pieds à plat sur le sol, your hands resting on your knees, palms upwardsles mains posées sur les genoux, paumes vers le ciel.

- Light a white candle at eye level so that you can look at it easily and then concentrate on looking at the flameAllumez une bougie blanche à la hauteur de vos yeux afin que votre regard reste bien droit et fixe en regardant la flamme.

- Sit comfortablyAsseyez-vous confortablement. Progressively start to slow down your breathing to find peace and calm.Commencez progressivement à ralentir votre respiration pour trouver la paix et le calme. Through your nose, breathe in slowly and deeplyInspirez lentement et profondément, and then breathe out slowlypuis expirez longuement par le nez. You should feel the air entering your nostrils and then leaving Vous devez sentir l'air entrer dans vos narines et en ressortir.

- Keep your eyes fixed, open and looking at the candle flameGardez les yeux fixes, ouverts en direction de la flamme de la bougie (you can blinkvous pouvez ciller). Try by thought to capture its soft warmthEssayez par la pensée de capter sa douce chaleur and its purifying lightet sa lumière purificatrice and let it enter youet de la faire entrer en vous. ProgressivementProgressively, expel every harmful idea and thoughtchassez chaque idée ou pensée parasite, let them golaissez-les s'éloigner … as if comme si c'était des nuages poussésthey are clouds blown by the le ventwind. Au bout de quelquesAfter a few minutes, vous sentirezyou will feel the le calme et lecalm and silence vous envahirenter your body. Vous pourrez mêmeYou could even have avoir certains moments of d'absence, où le temps s'interromptwhere time seems to stop.

- After this exAprès cet exercisce, raise yourself calmlylevez-vous calmement, stretch yourself outétirez-vous, éteignez la bougie, put out the candle and et reprenezgo back to doing what you were vos occupationsdoing.

Each of us has within us the faculty for “unconscious silence”Chacun possède en soi cette faculté de "silence inconscient". Vous l'avez d'ailleurs probablement ressentie à différents moments de votre vieYou have probably felt it at various times in your life. Par exempleFor example, en cuisinantwhen cooking or cleaning, en bricolant,you finish the job without being aware of how you did it il vous est arrivé d'avoir terminé votre tâche en ayant à peine conscience des gestes que vous avez effectués.

Sometimes our mind escapes while part of us remains in the presentIl arrive parfois que notre esprit s'évade alors qu'une partie de nous-même reste présente dans l'action. That is whenNous sommes alors en état de silence inconscient we are in a state of unconscious silence et de réceptivité extrême aux sensations et à l'imaginaireand extreme receptivity to feelings and imagination. This is the state of calm that you must find C'est pratiquement cet état de calme que vous devez trouver face à votre bougielooking at the candle. Un moment où le temps s'arrêteA moment where time stops et où il existe une sorte d'harmonie entre votre corps et votre espritand where there is a sort of harmony between your body and your mind.
Le corps s'allègeThe body becomes lighter and the mind wanders free through the movements of breathinget l'esprit voyage librement au travers des mouvements de respiration in and out, de l'expir et de l'inspir.

Si vous voulez améliorer votre vie en tout domaineIf you want to improve your life in every aspect, si vous décidez vraiment de changer en mieuxif you have truly decided to change for the better -– et pour cela d'augmenterand to do all of this bye increasing la puissance et la qualité de vos vibrations personnellesthe power and the quality of your personal vibrations -– vous devez favoriser l'unitéyou must promote the unity between entre votre corps et votre esprityour body and your mind.

TheLa “"Meéditation of Infinite Serenityde la Sérénité Infinie"” est particulièrement adaptée à cela is particularly adapted for this purpose: cet exercice du silencethis exercise of silence will help you progressively find va vous aider progressivement à trouver cette unitéthis unity. Sa pratique vous permettraPractising it will allow you de vous sentir to feel yourself stable and centredcomme enraciné et centré en vous-même, ce qui vous donnera petit à petitwhich will gradually give you un profond sentiment d'équilibrea deep feeling of balance. Vos pensées se rassemblerontYour thoughts will gather together, votre pouvoir de concentration se renforcerayour powers of concentration will be strengthened et votre faculté deand your ability to visualise sera will increase décuplée tenfold.

Instead of wasting your energy and Au lieu de disperser votre énergie et de connaître la fatiguebeing tired, tout votre corpsyour whole body will be rebuilt va progressivement se reconstruirestep-by-step et and will be “put back together” se "rassembler" pour devenir plus fortto become much stronger, and apte à aller dans laready to go in the direction de votre choixyou choose.

You will also strengthen your Vous renforcez également votre aura, which can then qui jouera alors pleinement son rôle naturelplay its natural role as an “energetic barrier” fully de "barrière énergétique", de bouclier protecteura protective shield contre toutes les formes d'against all forms of psychic aggressions psychiques, mauvais sortevil fate, malchancebad luck, etc.

Pratiquez cette méPractise this meditation pendant for 15 à to 20 minutes, quotidiennement si vous le pouvezevery day if you can. De plusMoreover, si vous avez aménagé un endroitif you have found a place where ou vous pratiquez régulièrementyou can practise regularly, cet espace va se charger d'énergiethis space will become charged with positive energy. Et à chaque foisEach time que reprendrez positionthat you take your place dans cet espacein this area, you will feel ces vibrations particulièresthese particular vibrations accumulée avec le tempsaccumulated over time, vous les sentirez comme as positive energy that you can capture autant d'énergie positive que vous pouvez capter et accumuler en vousand amass within you. Cela vous permettraThis will allow you d'entrer très rapidementto enter dans un état dea state of relaxation, de calme profond, de bien-êtreprofound calm and well being very quickly.

mercredi 2 avril 2008



I have often noticed that when some people compare what they are getting out of life with the more favourable results obtained by other people, they come to the conclusion that they "never have any luck". And it's true that this impression can be depressing, if the person in question starts to think that some people are blessed by fate and owe their success to some kind of mysterious influence which they themselves don't have.

But in fact, everyone has some luck in certain areas and none in others. The old proverb which says "Lucky at cards, unlucky in love" is a true reflection of what actually happens in life.

What we call "pure luck" always results from having the correct, appropriate attitude to life (in your thoughts and deeds). It is a kind of "reward" for being in accord, in phase, in harmony with Universal Cosmic Energy. In the occult and esoteric world, this is called "karmic recompense".

In reality, Luck/Success is intrinsically linked to the quality of human relations.


Imagine that after some terrible catastrophe, the entire human race was wiped out except for one sole remaining man. The problem of being lucky would not really concern him and his aspirations would simply be to feed himself, to survive in good health and avoid physical pain!
If by chance he met up with a few other individuals who had escaped the cataclysm like himself, luck would be important to him again: how to get himself accepted by the group, play a role in it, gain his rightful share of everything by disputing other people's greed, etc...

I really must emphasise this point. Bad luck often results from a bad attitude, socially. It is obvious, looking at this example alone, that a person's behaviour towards the group to which he belongs, and his usefulness to it, will govern his luck to a very large extent.

Great misfortunes often result from the environment: if a nation is economically weak and therefore impoverished, this makes it difficult for most of the individuals belonging to it to be successful. Events like social unrest and war, which we witness in our era, can ruin the most promising enterprises overnight. Age and infirmity are unimportant except for the reactions they provoke in other people!

So, "no man is an island", he is part of the social structure, and it's mainly in this context that I'm going to give you some tips for improving your luck.

The right attitude for attracting luck

It's to everyone's advantage to try to develop certain social qualities. There are in fact 24 of them which will have a great influence on your success.

Some of them, which are highly favourable to financial success, are among the esoteric Secrets mentioned in previous chapters. I have briefly summarised them for you, to clearly indicate their significance.


Don't pursue several aims at the same time, especially if they clash. Devote your attention to your primary objective. Choose between: love, money, stability, fame, etc.
Unless you already have a very advanced understanding of Universal Cosmic Energy, you can't deal with them all; it's best to select one or another.


Nothing succeeds unless it clearly serves collective interests and is therefore useful. Sharing your talents and being helpful is an infallible guarantee of success.


This is one of the best ways of fighting off the competition and winning contracts. No-one would argue with this rule. A lack of competence leads to need and poverty, at least in the long run.


Even if your job or activity is only a temporary occupation, you are unlikely to achieve your ultimate goal unless you commit yourself fully to your current task. It will be hard to get good results in the future, if you don't get into the habit of working with interest right now.

5. - BE FAIR

Don't just look after your own interests. It's no good wanting to receive without giving anything in return. Don't keep everything for yourself, but don't give it all away either. Try to maintain an even balance.


You can only succeed if you inspire confidence, and you will never inspire confidence unless you are true to your word.


When you are dealing with other people, they can instinctively tell whether or not you believe in what you are saying. If you yourself are not convinced, you won't be able to get them to do the things you want them to, no matter how hard you try.


If you are competent and convinced, you only need to make a bit of effort to share your ideas. You will definitely have to fight to succeed, but you can learn to do this.


Don't keep changing your opinions or objectives, don't give up at the first hurdle. Choose something and stick to it firmly.


Don't waste your time: this is one of the secrets of success! Don't attempt things which are impossible in the time available. Don't fritter away your time on things which don't matter. Allow just the right amount of time for each thing.


Regard money as a means, and not an end. It is a means of action and should be used very carefully like a precious tool.
Be fully conscious of its value and regard it as a bargaining chip.
Make no mistake: when you "buy" something with money, you are in fact exchanging this money for a piece of work, a service, a skill, sweat and toil.
Having money gives you no right to be arrogant and to despise those who for some reason don't have any. There is a difference between possessing money and allowing yourself to be possessed by money!
Similarly, to succeed you need to have a keen sense of values. You need to understand that other people will only donate their time, money or friendship if they receive something worthwhile in exchange. You need to offer something of value in any kind of transaction: (business, emotional, etc.).


You can profit from your mistakes, if you know how to observe and analyse. And you will only be able to reproduce a success if you have carefully noted all the factors which contributed to it.


Focus intently on one thing at a time. Let me emphasise this point once more: good powers of concentration are extremely valuable.


Any achievement begins life as a clear vision in your mind. Without visualisation, there would be no works of art, no monuments, no machines, not even simple love.


You will never be caught out if you plan an alternative solution in case of problems.


Don't expect miracles, expect things to take their natural course. Look for gradual success, and outline each successive step.


Make your work fruitful, use effective methods, tools, people.


Leap into action when the times comes - don't procrastinate.


It's unusual to succeed straight off, or to succeed every time. You will waste all your initial efforts if you don't keep trying, in spite of how bad things may seem.


Don't embark on anything at an unfavourable time. Learn how to wait for an opportune moment when you have all the resources you need.


If you allow yourself to be dominated by worries, you will be unconsciously nourishing them with your own strength. You must learn how to "put them in the bin" and forget about them.


Show interest in the people around you, even the most humble. Try to succeed as much for them as for yourself. Put yourself out for other people. It's impossible to succeed alone, you can only succeed through and for others.
Successful people show an interest in others. If someone is talking to you about themselves, their family, their health, and you don't seem to be paying attention or are obviously bored and immediately try to turn the conversation around to yourself... you will appear indifferent to other people and this can be very detrimental in important situations in life.


Success only lasts in certain circumstances. One essential condition for success is that you should be blossoming in a climate of friendship and understanding. If you observe successful people, you will often notice that they have faithful friends who support them. And the fundamental reason for this is that they give their friends as much pleasure and help as they receive from them.


This factor may be sufficient in itself, in spite of adverse circumstances. It synthesises many other qualities and "crystallises" the infinite power of Universal Energy for your benefit. This feeling must be very deeply rooted inside you.

Learn to identify the qualities you are lacking. They may vary over time. If necessary, don't hesitate to consult the people who know you, and in whom you can have complete trust. How do THEY see you? It's sometimes difficult to be objective about yourself.

First of all, decide which is the biggest deficiency preventing you from achieving your objectives. Then decide on the second most serious, and so on, until you have put them in order of importance.

Choose the three most significant failings you would like to work on.
Lets take an example. Let's suppose that you are not very good at doing the following things: being selective - showing an interest in other people - being persuasive.

Take the first quality and give yourself a week to develop it. For seven days, you are going to strive to banish from your imagination any desires which sidetrack you from the sensible objective you have set yourself. After a week, move on to the second quality, regardless of whether you have been completely successful with the first, and for the next seven days try to take a sincere interest in others, show you care about their interests, their projects, their triumphs, etc. Do the same thing for the third quality: train yourself to express yourself clearly, present your arguments well, assert your viewpoints and opinions, etc.

I can tell you that if you do this, you will start to achieve more, right from your very first efforts in the first few days. And as soon as the few weeks required have gone by, you will see success taking shape.

And don't give up!
At the end of your "training", go back over your "deficiencies" which still need correcting, and any new ones which might have arisen from an excessive zeal in modifying your behaviour.
If you apply this simple method, you will be able to significantly improve your social behaviour, without any great effort or strenuous exercises - just by paying a bit more attention to the factors of success you are weak on.
A few Luck-bringing "techniques"


According to the many observations which have been made, you can really improve your chances of success through sleep.
This isn't as paradoxical as it first seems, because lots of evidence and even proverbs prove this point. Proverbs condense observations made over thousands of years. These "pearls of wisdom" crystallise the experiences of past generations and so they are just as worthy of interest as the most scientific surveys and statistics (if not more so).

As regards the intrinsic value of sleep, and its relationship with good fortune, there is an old French proverb which says:

"Wealth comes with sleep" (La fortune vient en dormant).

And although proverbs may contradict each other on other subjects, traditional wisdom always emphasises the benefits of sleep:

"Sleep is better than medicine"
"The beginning of health is sleep"
"Sleep on it".

I myself have noticed that some individuals develop an overpowering desire to sleep in times of great difficulty, unlike others who become insomniacs.
And invariably, this prolonged rest precedes a seemingly providential unravelling of their problems.

By contrast, one of my friends who sleeps very little confessed to me that the less he sleeps the more tangled his problems become.
To judge from the experiences of many people, it would really seem that deep sleep attracts success like a magnet attracts iron, and paves the way for a return to prosperity by untangling the web of problems.

People with the gift of clairvoyance confirm that during sleep (provided it is long and deep), the human mind awakens on the causal plane (the plane which is directly linked to Universal Energy, on which our "karma" manifests itself). The mind doesn't remember anything of this journey into the astral world on waking, but brings back a sounder judgement and sometimes some guidance.
This is obvious in the case of certain dreams, which are very intense emotionally, during which the sleeper feels he is being "guided" (by those he might call his Guardian Angels). Sometimes, this is the origin of particularly successful and beneficial initiatives in the material world.

. Do your own survey

You can assess the connection between sleep and luck for yourself, by noting the events which occur in your own personal life and the lives of your loved-ones, depending on how much you are sleeping. You can also discover when you get your most beneficial sleep: in the evening, the night, or the early morning ...

There is another old proverb which says "One hour's sleep before midnight is worth two after", and indeed this is the best time for recharging your batteries with high quality energy.
You should also observe the following rules:

- Only use your bed to sleep in.
- Don't eat in bed, or watch television or smoke - just sleep.
- Make the room as dark as possible.
- Eat your last meal of the day at least 3 hours before going to bed.


The influence of colour

Although you may not be aware of it, light influences your state of health, your mental reactions, your behaviour, and as an indirect consequence, the state of your finances.

This light, quintessence of the sun, centre of our solar system, changes depending on the environment where you live. It is altered by atmospheric conditions and the brightness inside buildings varies too.

This means that, again without you knowing it, you may be slightly or seriously deprived of the light you need. You could also be affected by a distortion of the light spectrum, caused by the colour of the wall coverings, furniture and objects surrounding you.
The light spectrum is broken up into rays which colour surfaces in characteristic fashion. It's probably no surprise that certain colours can be beneficial to you, and make up for the lack of light you might be forced to endure.
You know that there are many different aspects to human life (love, health, money, protection, etc.). And in fact each of these aspects is linked to an etheric current, a kind of "stream" which circulates in the Universe (whose source is the reservoir-ocean of Universal Cosmic Energy which permeates all Creation) and which everyone can tap into ... if they make the necessary effort. But how?

Each of these currents is linked to a colour.

A simple way to "plug into" the etheric current linked to the Money sector is to use the colour associated with it: APPLE GREEN.

So how do you do this?
If you want to improve your pecuniary situation, buy yourself a little tablet of apple green paint, which you can easily find in paint boxes for artists or school children.

Every evening, at a time when you are alone and at peace, place this little block of colour on a sheet of white paper in front of you and gaze at it, contemplate it, trying to impregnate yourself with the current from this colour, with the force this colour represents.

Don't spend too long on this contemplation: two minutes is sufficient, five minutes is about average, ten minutes is the maximum beyond which you will get tired and nullify all the effects.
After this, close your eyes and ask for what you want in relation to your finances. Do this every day for four to eight weeks.

You'll start to notice some initial effects in the first few days: you will spend less, your money will go further, you will notice more advantageous prices.
Then various opportunities will come your way, either to be better appreciated in your current position, or to meet people who need you and are prepared to pay you well.
Within two months, or three months at the most, you will have achieved the desired effect. At this point, stop doing this exercise every day, because you don't want to keep changing your situation. Abandon the exercises and concentrate on really consolidating what you have achieved.

Don't think that you have appropriated something that wasn't owing to you. On the contrary, the exercises you have performed took some effort and so you deserve whatever you receive. But now you need to get your results on a really firm footing, and to do this you should act normally, i.e. provide the services people are paying you for.

You can also boost the effects of your exercises using the energy of this colour:

- either by placing apple green objects in your everyday environment
- or by wearing this colour (scarf, handkerchief, etc.)
- or by placing disks of coloured paper on the wall at the head of your bed
- or by placing little disks of coloured paper in your wallet or handbag, close to any personal identification.


Right through the ages, man has (rightly) attributed magic properties to stones (precious or otherwise) extracted from the earth, and has used them as talismans.

Certain stones have the power to "correct" an adverse circulation of etheric currents, which can sometimes cause health or money problems for certain people.
These gems "neutralise" harmful waves and "regulate" the circulation of Universal Energy.

Without going into lots of esoteric considerations, the complexity of which might put you off, it's nevertheless useful for you to know that the following gems are particularly good for encouraging money to flow into your life, and establishing a better link with the "money-energy".
Some of them also protect you against subconscious autosuggestion, which ends up producing a negative aura (superstition, a feeling of hate or jealousy, indifference to the present) which tends to generate persistent bad luck.
(The aura is a kind of "envelope of energy" which surrounds every living being; the electro-magnetic field it creates).


Favours good client relations, dreams, the free expression of emotions. Helps to fight infections because it stimulates the production of white blood cells.

You can find opals of different colours in the shops. The Fire Opal (an almost fluorescent yellow to red) is a stone which gives you enthusiasm, hope and faith in the future.
Opal is not very resistant to perfume or make-up. As it is composed of up to 30% water, you should avoid leaving it in a very dry place, because it could dry out and crack.


Protects you in all circumstances. All Jasper stones are good for stabilising your aura and purifying it of any negative energies which may have accumulated. Red-tinged Jasper helps you to take the right decisions to move forward.


Very beneficial: very positive effect on the eighth quality mentioned earlier (persuasiveness), facilitates verbal communication, helps you to listen (to yourself and others). Also soothes toothache.


Magnetises your aura so that you can attract money more easily. It harmonises relationships with other people and calms the nerves.


Favours prosperity and protects from malign influences. Gives you the energy, strength and determination to fight for your ideas. This stone promotes generosity and forgiveness and makes you more tolerant and charitable towards other people. It also helps you to see the good in other people, and to not make over-hasty judgements.


Helps you to understand your position within the Universe, boosts creativity and reveals deficiencies which makes it easier to work on your weaknesses. Harmonises with financial energies. Avoid keeping it in your bedroom overnight.

These stones can easily be found in specialist shops. They come in various shapes and sizes, polished or natural, and at very affordable prices.
You can use them just as they come (in which case keep them on you in your wallet or bag, or better still in a little pouch on your chest). Or you can have them mounted (ring, brooch, bracelet, pendant, necklace) and wear them next to your skin.
You can also hold them in the palm of your hand for a few minutes each day, or lay them on your chest or abdomen as you relax.

How to choose your stones

First decide which type(s) you need.

I would advise you to choose your stone either by feeling it in your hands or by following your intuition (each stone will have a certain effect, it will "speak" to you and address itself directly to your subconscious mind via the "vibrations" it gives off - appearance, colour, shape, brilliance, etc.). No two stones are exactly alike.


Before using a stone, it's important to purify it yourself, even if you have acquired it from a professional who has already performed a purification.
Between the moment when they left the ground and the moment when they arrive in your possession, these stones have passed through many hands, have been in lots of different environments, have been subjected to lots of differently charged auras, and all this has left an impression in their heart. And they are eager to release these energies, which may have an unpleasant effect. All stones and jewels suffer from the same phenomenon. Have you never heard of anyone talking about a piece of jewellery which seems to bring bad luck?

So to purify your stone, hold it under cold water, preferably thinking (visualising) at the time how it is discharging itself, cleansing itself of all its impurities, and how any negative forces are being absorbed into the earth and converted into positive ones.

Do this regularly. A few minutes is normally enough, but the first time you lay hands on your stone (when it is bound to be highly charged) you may need to soak it for several days (if so, use water lightly salted with rock salt).


Gems (minerals with a crystalline structure) have a "memory"; they absorb energy charges and release others (to give you some idea, the quartz micro-crystals used in computer memories capitalise on this property).
When you wear them, they charge themselves with positive energy and discharge negative energy or they repel certain harmful waves and absorb others which are beneficial, depending on their individual properties of course.

For the best results, it's a good idea to "recharge" your stones from time to time by placing them in the sun (preferably rising) for at least half an hour or alternatively in the moonlight (preferably when the moon is rising) for one night.