jeudi 7 mai 2009

Maria Duval Prosperity Rule No.5

Maria Duval, the clairvoyant psychic, says that the first 4 Prosperity Rules will be practically useless unless there is a right application of them together with the 5th Prosperity Rule which talks something about DESIRE.

Desire is a very basic concept and it is the "ignition key" which you can crank on and power up your mental system. Desire mobilises your subconscious energies that will drive you there. Just pause and think for a while. What your life will be like if you never feel like you long for anything!? That would be like a living vegetable lying around in a house wasting time deprived of life's finer sides.

How can you expect to reach a destination if you have no will to get there? Yes, Maria Duval believes that life is governed by desires, which fall into two broad categories.

First category contains the short term desires that are linked to the satisfaction of immediate individual needs. This is the biggest category, for example, the desire to eat or sleep or travel. The second category of desires are less in number but greater in importance as they are more long term in nature and closely related to personal evolution, like fame, fortunes, success, love, health, wellness, peace, money, wealth and comfort.

Lastly, like a strong beam of focused light when sun ray is captured by a mag glass, your energies will be focused in a single direction and desire so powerful that it will crush any resistance along the way.