jeudi 9 avril 2009


Maria Duval has always seen what others do not see, because she acts as a “medium” between the spirit world and man.

At the boarding school where she studied, she was locked in her room because she “had premonitions”, which set her apart from her friends; her husband ended their marriage, tired of these messages received from the “other side”. Maria Duval now lives in secrecy in her beloved Provence, close to Nice, but her bags are always packed to go off on her travels around the world.

Financiers and Stock Exchange brokers, famous actors (many come to Maria when they need to select a script, a part, or even a specific look) and a small crowd of ordinary people flock to her every day, because everyone wants their share of luck.

In fact, for a decade now, Maria Duval is an advisor to some of the largest French banks and also many major service companies that regularly send her photos and details of persons being considered for recruitment; Maria Duval’s predictions about the character of each candidate are always proven to be accurate.

But despite all the toing and froing of people coming to visit her, Maria Duval always finds time to write, whether by day or by night, perhaps precisely because she is “guided” to do it.

Books on food and diet , studied according to the different signs of the Zodiac", in which many common points are identified and many very surprising lifestyle rules are suggested, for achieving good health.

Books on astrology and health also offering innovative solutions, the result of ancient knowledge, handed down from generation to generation, and which reached their peak in the teachings of her maternal uncle, the priest Guido Vassalli, an advocate of esotericism and ancient traditions.

Books on sex including a sort of modern Karma Sutra, which she has just written and which has not yet been published.

And still more books, such as her famous “How to become a clairvoyant”, from which you can learn how to gain insight into your own future, and perhaps that of others too.