mercredi 29 avril 2009

Maria Duval - Prosperity Rule No. 1

The first thing you need to understand is that all the elements of prosperity are to be found only in YOU. So it's entirely up to you to "show" them out from you to your own benefits.

Your own thoughts, if they are sensibly oriented and in harmony with the creative law of the Universe, can really promote success and help you to gain everything you want out of life.

May you have noticed - it is always people who are full of vitality and positivity who achieved the most brilliant success. They have all a forceful personality generated and supported by the phenomenal power of their mind from which they manage to draw maximum strength.

What ohers have accomplished, you too, can accomplish. Your own personal circumstances are nothing but the fruit of your "thought seeds" planted in the garden of your past life.

All those who have become rich have done so because they firmly believed in the beneficial power of their positive thinking. And herein lies the first of our great secrets of catching and keeping wealth, glory and success