mardi 22 avril 2008





· Pluto is the slowest planet of the zodiac: it takes around 240 years to travel right round the zodiac. It’s most recent spell in Capricorn was from 1776 to 1791.

· World astrology works on the basis that every country is represented by a sign of the zodiac. Capricorn influences and guides some countries, such as the British Isles, China and the whole of Asia.

· Pluto is a planet of transformation and Capricorn represents the sign allied to power. Its last transit coincided with the French revolution, the creation of the United States, power struggles with the hierarchical status quo and the independence of peoples. Even before this, in around 1530, Pluto in Capricorn saw the introduction by Henry VIII of Anglicism, causing a schism with the Catholic church. The same period that saw the American Independence, 1776-1791, also corresponds to the disintegration of English supremacy in the Americas. So you could say that both the United States and the UK are both facing a period of transformation. It’s also the first time the US will see the return of Pluto to its original position (for around 240 years).

· Capricorn also represents regions of Asia in a state of flux. Buddhism may well see a resurgence, while Christianity and Islam are entering periods of schism and division (see 1530 and Anglicism). Capricorn corresponds to drought and famine and revolution. The last transit of Pluto through Capricorn (1762) coincided with the decline of the Monarchy that lay at the root of the French revolution in 1789.

It’s important to note that the French Revolution was in fact part of a chain of revolutions playing out across western Europe and the Americas: the American Revolution (1770-1783), revolutionary troubles in Ireland and England (1780-1783), revolution in the United Provinces (1783-1787), democratic revolutions in Geneva (1766-1768 and 1782), all under the influence of Pluto in Capricorn.


The planet Pluto came back into Capricorn on January 26th 2008 and will stay there until March 24th, 2023, on which date it will move into Aquarius. But the phenomenon of retrogradation (2° by Capricorn on April 03, 2008) will mean it will be back for several months (from June 15th to November 27th) in the sign of Sagittarius.

Many astrologers think this period will be crucial for the major changes that will figure in the future of the Earth.

Pluto in Sagittarius and terrorism We have seen that the passage of Pluto through the Fire sign of Sagittarius coincided with a surge of religious extremism and a proliferation of acts of terrorism, reaching their climax with the events of September 11th 2001.

But Pluto, like all the planets, has a negative function and a positive function: it has also allowed humanity to step up a gear in communication techniques and computer networks. In fact, the Internet has literally exploded since 1996, the date on which Pluto entered Sagittarius.
What should we expect to happen to us with Pluto in Capricorn? …
We caught a first glimpse of things to come towards the end of January 2008, at the very moment when the planet entered this sign in its slightest degree.
The world of finance was shocked to learn that a lowly trader at the French bank Société Générale had in fact lost this company 5 billion euros thanks to ‘an elaborate portfolio of fictitious transactions’.

Pluto in Capricorn and the end of capitalismThis Earth sign and its planet Saturn correspond to "everything that is hard and everything that lasts".
In this case, the Law, the property market (Saturn= stone), the authorities and the banking institutions, not to forget the education system.

And that’s just the start, since we know that the Plutonian metamorphosis is set to continue through to 2023!
As far as the property market is concerned, the crisis is well and truly underway in the US, with the sub-prime (risky loans) scandal, with banks having granted mortgages at variable rates without concerning themselves with the possible insolvency of its debtors.

Of course, other Western countries – including France – run the risk of going down the same path and this may lead, sooner or later to a world economic recession. This may be the case, but it doesn’t mean we need necessarily fear cataclysmic upheaval. We should, rather, be studying the positive consequences of the Plutonian mutation into Capricorn.It is now clear that the stock exchange system has spun out of control, even if all the specialists agree that the ‘crashes’ of the past can be more easily avoided than before. But, for some years now, the signs have become more and more blatant, and people are starting to work out just how it is that the banks have so much money.

They are increasingly coming to the realisation that this money is virtual, that speculation is not only unfair but also ever more dangerous for the world economy. Isn’t it unfair that a mere trader can earn millions of euros in a single day while so little is done to help the poor?

On May 17th, 1792, the New York stock exchange came into being when 24 brokers decided to apply a uniform rate of commission to all sales of stock. ‘Wall Street’, the largest financial market in the world, was born!
If we look at the astral chart corresponding to that day, we see that Pluto was polarised against the Sun-Mercury duo in Taurus, and the Moon, allied to Saturn, was opposing Jupiter-Neptune.

In other words: the fight was on!

The divide between the rich and the poor gets wider year after year, with African countries suffering increasingly from famine, the impact of global warming becoming ever more costly and the invention of so-called climate refugees!
Conclusion: the time has well and truly come to reform the world of finance. And it’s Pluto that will drive this change over the coming fifteen years. Capitalism is, quite clearly, living its last few years, at least in its current form, since it is damaging the economic stability of the planet.

Pluto is, rightly, called "The Great Upholder of the Law": it takes the lid of intrigues, plots, embezzlements, frauds, injustices and scams. So this major clean-up may see in a new era of greater transparency in banking, new rules governing stock exchanges and most importantly: a fairer and more balanced distribution of wealth.
At the same time, however, all excesses are possible. So we have to expect a long-term accommodation crisis, an economic recession and extremely tense relations between world governments. Since the cyclical indices are set to hit their lowest point in 2017, we may assume that hope will return from that crucial year onwards, setting things back on a more even keel and laying the foundations of a new world from 2023 (truly the start of the Age of Aquarius?).

Of course, everything depends not only on the free will of humanity as a whole, but also on the free will of each individual!

We mustn’t forget that every drop of the Ocean contributes, in its own, unique way.
The end of the year 2008 will reveal whether the definitive ingress of Pluto in Capricorn will coincide with these changes, for better or for worse!