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I have often noticed that when some people compare what they are getting out of life with the more favourable results obtained by other people, they come to the conclusion that they "never have any luck". And it's true that this impression can be depressing, if the person in question starts to think that some people are blessed by fate and owe their success to some kind of mysterious influence which they themselves don't have.

But in fact, everyone has some luck in certain areas and none in others. The old proverb which says "Lucky at cards, unlucky in love" is a true reflection of what actually happens in life.

What we call "pure luck" always results from having the correct, appropriate attitude to life (in your thoughts and deeds). It is a kind of "reward" for being in accord, in phase, in harmony with Universal Cosmic Energy. In the occult and esoteric world, this is called "karmic recompense".

In reality, Luck/Success is intrinsically linked to the quality of human relations.


Imagine that after some terrible catastrophe, the entire human race was wiped out except for one sole remaining man. The problem of being lucky would not really concern him and his aspirations would simply be to feed himself, to survive in good health and avoid physical pain!
If by chance he met up with a few other individuals who had escaped the cataclysm like himself, luck would be important to him again: how to get himself accepted by the group, play a role in it, gain his rightful share of everything by disputing other people's greed, etc...

I really must emphasise this point. Bad luck often results from a bad attitude, socially. It is obvious, looking at this example alone, that a person's behaviour towards the group to which he belongs, and his usefulness to it, will govern his luck to a very large extent.

Great misfortunes often result from the environment: if a nation is economically weak and therefore impoverished, this makes it difficult for most of the individuals belonging to it to be successful. Events like social unrest and war, which we witness in our era, can ruin the most promising enterprises overnight. Age and infirmity are unimportant except for the reactions they provoke in other people!

So, "no man is an island", he is part of the social structure, and it's mainly in this context that I'm going to give you some tips for improving your luck.

The right attitude for attracting luck

It's to everyone's advantage to try to develop certain social qualities. There are in fact 24 of them which will have a great influence on your success.

Some of them, which are highly favourable to financial success, are among the esoteric Secrets mentioned in previous chapters. I have briefly summarised them for you, to clearly indicate their significance.


Don't pursue several aims at the same time, especially if they clash. Devote your attention to your primary objective. Choose between: love, money, stability, fame, etc.
Unless you already have a very advanced understanding of Universal Cosmic Energy, you can't deal with them all; it's best to select one or another.


Nothing succeeds unless it clearly serves collective interests and is therefore useful. Sharing your talents and being helpful is an infallible guarantee of success.


This is one of the best ways of fighting off the competition and winning contracts. No-one would argue with this rule. A lack of competence leads to need and poverty, at least in the long run.


Even if your job or activity is only a temporary occupation, you are unlikely to achieve your ultimate goal unless you commit yourself fully to your current task. It will be hard to get good results in the future, if you don't get into the habit of working with interest right now.

5. - BE FAIR

Don't just look after your own interests. It's no good wanting to receive without giving anything in return. Don't keep everything for yourself, but don't give it all away either. Try to maintain an even balance.


You can only succeed if you inspire confidence, and you will never inspire confidence unless you are true to your word.


When you are dealing with other people, they can instinctively tell whether or not you believe in what you are saying. If you yourself are not convinced, you won't be able to get them to do the things you want them to, no matter how hard you try.


If you are competent and convinced, you only need to make a bit of effort to share your ideas. You will definitely have to fight to succeed, but you can learn to do this.


Don't keep changing your opinions or objectives, don't give up at the first hurdle. Choose something and stick to it firmly.


Don't waste your time: this is one of the secrets of success! Don't attempt things which are impossible in the time available. Don't fritter away your time on things which don't matter. Allow just the right amount of time for each thing.


Regard money as a means, and not an end. It is a means of action and should be used very carefully like a precious tool.
Be fully conscious of its value and regard it as a bargaining chip.
Make no mistake: when you "buy" something with money, you are in fact exchanging this money for a piece of work, a service, a skill, sweat and toil.
Having money gives you no right to be arrogant and to despise those who for some reason don't have any. There is a difference between possessing money and allowing yourself to be possessed by money!
Similarly, to succeed you need to have a keen sense of values. You need to understand that other people will only donate their time, money or friendship if they receive something worthwhile in exchange. You need to offer something of value in any kind of transaction: (business, emotional, etc.).


You can profit from your mistakes, if you know how to observe and analyse. And you will only be able to reproduce a success if you have carefully noted all the factors which contributed to it.


Focus intently on one thing at a time. Let me emphasise this point once more: good powers of concentration are extremely valuable.


Any achievement begins life as a clear vision in your mind. Without visualisation, there would be no works of art, no monuments, no machines, not even simple love.


You will never be caught out if you plan an alternative solution in case of problems.


Don't expect miracles, expect things to take their natural course. Look for gradual success, and outline each successive step.


Make your work fruitful, use effective methods, tools, people.


Leap into action when the times comes - don't procrastinate.


It's unusual to succeed straight off, or to succeed every time. You will waste all your initial efforts if you don't keep trying, in spite of how bad things may seem.


Don't embark on anything at an unfavourable time. Learn how to wait for an opportune moment when you have all the resources you need.


If you allow yourself to be dominated by worries, you will be unconsciously nourishing them with your own strength. You must learn how to "put them in the bin" and forget about them.


Show interest in the people around you, even the most humble. Try to succeed as much for them as for yourself. Put yourself out for other people. It's impossible to succeed alone, you can only succeed through and for others.
Successful people show an interest in others. If someone is talking to you about themselves, their family, their health, and you don't seem to be paying attention or are obviously bored and immediately try to turn the conversation around to yourself... you will appear indifferent to other people and this can be very detrimental in important situations in life.


Success only lasts in certain circumstances. One essential condition for success is that you should be blossoming in a climate of friendship and understanding. If you observe successful people, you will often notice that they have faithful friends who support them. And the fundamental reason for this is that they give their friends as much pleasure and help as they receive from them.


This factor may be sufficient in itself, in spite of adverse circumstances. It synthesises many other qualities and "crystallises" the infinite power of Universal Energy for your benefit. This feeling must be very deeply rooted inside you.

Learn to identify the qualities you are lacking. They may vary over time. If necessary, don't hesitate to consult the people who know you, and in whom you can have complete trust. How do THEY see you? It's sometimes difficult to be objective about yourself.

First of all, decide which is the biggest deficiency preventing you from achieving your objectives. Then decide on the second most serious, and so on, until you have put them in order of importance.

Choose the three most significant failings you would like to work on.
Lets take an example. Let's suppose that you are not very good at doing the following things: being selective - showing an interest in other people - being persuasive.

Take the first quality and give yourself a week to develop it. For seven days, you are going to strive to banish from your imagination any desires which sidetrack you from the sensible objective you have set yourself. After a week, move on to the second quality, regardless of whether you have been completely successful with the first, and for the next seven days try to take a sincere interest in others, show you care about their interests, their projects, their triumphs, etc. Do the same thing for the third quality: train yourself to express yourself clearly, present your arguments well, assert your viewpoints and opinions, etc.

I can tell you that if you do this, you will start to achieve more, right from your very first efforts in the first few days. And as soon as the few weeks required have gone by, you will see success taking shape.

And don't give up!
At the end of your "training", go back over your "deficiencies" which still need correcting, and any new ones which might have arisen from an excessive zeal in modifying your behaviour.
If you apply this simple method, you will be able to significantly improve your social behaviour, without any great effort or strenuous exercises - just by paying a bit more attention to the factors of success you are weak on.
A few Luck-bringing "techniques"


According to the many observations which have been made, you can really improve your chances of success through sleep.
This isn't as paradoxical as it first seems, because lots of evidence and even proverbs prove this point. Proverbs condense observations made over thousands of years. These "pearls of wisdom" crystallise the experiences of past generations and so they are just as worthy of interest as the most scientific surveys and statistics (if not more so).

As regards the intrinsic value of sleep, and its relationship with good fortune, there is an old French proverb which says:

"Wealth comes with sleep" (La fortune vient en dormant).

And although proverbs may contradict each other on other subjects, traditional wisdom always emphasises the benefits of sleep:

"Sleep is better than medicine"
"The beginning of health is sleep"
"Sleep on it".

I myself have noticed that some individuals develop an overpowering desire to sleep in times of great difficulty, unlike others who become insomniacs.
And invariably, this prolonged rest precedes a seemingly providential unravelling of their problems.

By contrast, one of my friends who sleeps very little confessed to me that the less he sleeps the more tangled his problems become.
To judge from the experiences of many people, it would really seem that deep sleep attracts success like a magnet attracts iron, and paves the way for a return to prosperity by untangling the web of problems.

People with the gift of clairvoyance confirm that during sleep (provided it is long and deep), the human mind awakens on the causal plane (the plane which is directly linked to Universal Energy, on which our "karma" manifests itself). The mind doesn't remember anything of this journey into the astral world on waking, but brings back a sounder judgement and sometimes some guidance.
This is obvious in the case of certain dreams, which are very intense emotionally, during which the sleeper feels he is being "guided" (by those he might call his Guardian Angels). Sometimes, this is the origin of particularly successful and beneficial initiatives in the material world.

. Do your own survey

You can assess the connection between sleep and luck for yourself, by noting the events which occur in your own personal life and the lives of your loved-ones, depending on how much you are sleeping. You can also discover when you get your most beneficial sleep: in the evening, the night, or the early morning ...

There is another old proverb which says "One hour's sleep before midnight is worth two after", and indeed this is the best time for recharging your batteries with high quality energy.
You should also observe the following rules:

- Only use your bed to sleep in.
- Don't eat in bed, or watch television or smoke - just sleep.
- Make the room as dark as possible.
- Eat your last meal of the day at least 3 hours before going to bed.


The influence of colour

Although you may not be aware of it, light influences your state of health, your mental reactions, your behaviour, and as an indirect consequence, the state of your finances.

This light, quintessence of the sun, centre of our solar system, changes depending on the environment where you live. It is altered by atmospheric conditions and the brightness inside buildings varies too.

This means that, again without you knowing it, you may be slightly or seriously deprived of the light you need. You could also be affected by a distortion of the light spectrum, caused by the colour of the wall coverings, furniture and objects surrounding you.
The light spectrum is broken up into rays which colour surfaces in characteristic fashion. It's probably no surprise that certain colours can be beneficial to you, and make up for the lack of light you might be forced to endure.
You know that there are many different aspects to human life (love, health, money, protection, etc.). And in fact each of these aspects is linked to an etheric current, a kind of "stream" which circulates in the Universe (whose source is the reservoir-ocean of Universal Cosmic Energy which permeates all Creation) and which everyone can tap into ... if they make the necessary effort. But how?

Each of these currents is linked to a colour.

A simple way to "plug into" the etheric current linked to the Money sector is to use the colour associated with it: APPLE GREEN.

So how do you do this?
If you want to improve your pecuniary situation, buy yourself a little tablet of apple green paint, which you can easily find in paint boxes for artists or school children.

Every evening, at a time when you are alone and at peace, place this little block of colour on a sheet of white paper in front of you and gaze at it, contemplate it, trying to impregnate yourself with the current from this colour, with the force this colour represents.

Don't spend too long on this contemplation: two minutes is sufficient, five minutes is about average, ten minutes is the maximum beyond which you will get tired and nullify all the effects.
After this, close your eyes and ask for what you want in relation to your finances. Do this every day for four to eight weeks.

You'll start to notice some initial effects in the first few days: you will spend less, your money will go further, you will notice more advantageous prices.
Then various opportunities will come your way, either to be better appreciated in your current position, or to meet people who need you and are prepared to pay you well.
Within two months, or three months at the most, you will have achieved the desired effect. At this point, stop doing this exercise every day, because you don't want to keep changing your situation. Abandon the exercises and concentrate on really consolidating what you have achieved.

Don't think that you have appropriated something that wasn't owing to you. On the contrary, the exercises you have performed took some effort and so you deserve whatever you receive. But now you need to get your results on a really firm footing, and to do this you should act normally, i.e. provide the services people are paying you for.

You can also boost the effects of your exercises using the energy of this colour:

- either by placing apple green objects in your everyday environment
- or by wearing this colour (scarf, handkerchief, etc.)
- or by placing disks of coloured paper on the wall at the head of your bed
- or by placing little disks of coloured paper in your wallet or handbag, close to any personal identification.


Right through the ages, man has (rightly) attributed magic properties to stones (precious or otherwise) extracted from the earth, and has used them as talismans.

Certain stones have the power to "correct" an adverse circulation of etheric currents, which can sometimes cause health or money problems for certain people.
These gems "neutralise" harmful waves and "regulate" the circulation of Universal Energy.

Without going into lots of esoteric considerations, the complexity of which might put you off, it's nevertheless useful for you to know that the following gems are particularly good for encouraging money to flow into your life, and establishing a better link with the "money-energy".
Some of them also protect you against subconscious autosuggestion, which ends up producing a negative aura (superstition, a feeling of hate or jealousy, indifference to the present) which tends to generate persistent bad luck.
(The aura is a kind of "envelope of energy" which surrounds every living being; the electro-magnetic field it creates).


Favours good client relations, dreams, the free expression of emotions. Helps to fight infections because it stimulates the production of white blood cells.

You can find opals of different colours in the shops. The Fire Opal (an almost fluorescent yellow to red) is a stone which gives you enthusiasm, hope and faith in the future.
Opal is not very resistant to perfume or make-up. As it is composed of up to 30% water, you should avoid leaving it in a very dry place, because it could dry out and crack.


Protects you in all circumstances. All Jasper stones are good for stabilising your aura and purifying it of any negative energies which may have accumulated. Red-tinged Jasper helps you to take the right decisions to move forward.


Very beneficial: very positive effect on the eighth quality mentioned earlier (persuasiveness), facilitates verbal communication, helps you to listen (to yourself and others). Also soothes toothache.


Magnetises your aura so that you can attract money more easily. It harmonises relationships with other people and calms the nerves.


Favours prosperity and protects from malign influences. Gives you the energy, strength and determination to fight for your ideas. This stone promotes generosity and forgiveness and makes you more tolerant and charitable towards other people. It also helps you to see the good in other people, and to not make over-hasty judgements.


Helps you to understand your position within the Universe, boosts creativity and reveals deficiencies which makes it easier to work on your weaknesses. Harmonises with financial energies. Avoid keeping it in your bedroom overnight.

These stones can easily be found in specialist shops. They come in various shapes and sizes, polished or natural, and at very affordable prices.
You can use them just as they come (in which case keep them on you in your wallet or bag, or better still in a little pouch on your chest). Or you can have them mounted (ring, brooch, bracelet, pendant, necklace) and wear them next to your skin.
You can also hold them in the palm of your hand for a few minutes each day, or lay them on your chest or abdomen as you relax.

How to choose your stones

First decide which type(s) you need.

I would advise you to choose your stone either by feeling it in your hands or by following your intuition (each stone will have a certain effect, it will "speak" to you and address itself directly to your subconscious mind via the "vibrations" it gives off - appearance, colour, shape, brilliance, etc.). No two stones are exactly alike.


Before using a stone, it's important to purify it yourself, even if you have acquired it from a professional who has already performed a purification.
Between the moment when they left the ground and the moment when they arrive in your possession, these stones have passed through many hands, have been in lots of different environments, have been subjected to lots of differently charged auras, and all this has left an impression in their heart. And they are eager to release these energies, which may have an unpleasant effect. All stones and jewels suffer from the same phenomenon. Have you never heard of anyone talking about a piece of jewellery which seems to bring bad luck?

So to purify your stone, hold it under cold water, preferably thinking (visualising) at the time how it is discharging itself, cleansing itself of all its impurities, and how any negative forces are being absorbed into the earth and converted into positive ones.

Do this regularly. A few minutes is normally enough, but the first time you lay hands on your stone (when it is bound to be highly charged) you may need to soak it for several days (if so, use water lightly salted with rock salt).


Gems (minerals with a crystalline structure) have a "memory"; they absorb energy charges and release others (to give you some idea, the quartz micro-crystals used in computer memories capitalise on this property).
When you wear them, they charge themselves with positive energy and discharge negative energy or they repel certain harmful waves and absorb others which are beneficial, depending on their individual properties of course.

For the best results, it's a good idea to "recharge" your stones from time to time by placing them in the sun (preferably rising) for at least half an hour or alternatively in the moonlight (preferably when the moon is rising) for one night.