mercredi 2 avril 2008


Every human being wants to be successful in love.

This a perfectly natural and legitimate desire. It is a well-known fact that Love occupies a privileged place in the hearts and lives of men and women the world over.

For centuries poets have celebrated the subtlety, the power, the magic and the mystery of Love.

But what exactly is Love?

What you need to know and bear in mind is that Love is all this and a lot more besides…it is also a source of energy, that can assume several forms: emotional, affective, romantic and sexual.

The domain of romantic feelings draws on a "centre of energy" situated in the pelvic area (between the coccyx and sacrum), known as the “Support of the Life Breath Centre” or the Svadhishthana Chakra.
This chakra, linked to sexual feelings and energy, is responsible for "distributing” these energies throughout the body. Furthermore, the SVADHISHTHANA CHAKRA gives rise to encounters with other people, especially the opposite sex.

· When the Svadhishthana Chakra is "operating” harmoniously, you are naturally open towards other people; you express your emotions and feelings spontaneously, without embarassment, awkwardness or excessive modesty. You are joyfully aware of the vital forces of creation within you. Your enthusiasm and optimism are contagious and your magnetism attracts the opposite sex.
· But sometimes the energy of this chakra functions in an unbalanced manner. This imbalance often originates in puberty when the awakening of sexual energy has a destabilising effect because parents and teachers are rarely able to convey the best way of using this energy (what could be really described as sexual education).
If a person has also been starved of affection and tenderness, this can result in a subconscious rejection of romantic and sexual relationships.

This leads to a conflict between desire and "sexual energy” which cannot circulate freely and eventually results in "dormant” emotions, low self-esteem and inhibitions. In short, life appears extremely dreary.
This type of attitude attracts solitude or the type of problems that affect the harmony of a relationship. For example, unpredictable moods, impotence or frigidity, obesity or weight-loss, inhibitions, obsessions, etc.

· To sum up, if your love life or sex life is disappointing, unsatisfactory or even non-existant, it is probably because this energy is partially "blocked” in the area of the Svadhishthana Chakra. This creates an imbalance between giving and receiving (love, tenderness, etc).

· By purifying and activating this chakra, you will exude a natural magnetism. Then, quite simply, you will attract affection and love and you will discover (or rediscover) a stimulating love life and sex life that will grow and devlop harmoniously.


· The Butterfly

· Lie flat on your back: take time to stretch languorously, then relax for ten minutes or so.
· From a sitting position, bring the soles of your feet together. Bring your heels as close to your body as possible.
· Breathe in as you straighten your body so that your back is straight (your chest rises slightly).
· Clasp the fingers of both hands around your feet. Gently bounce your knees in time with your breathing (like the beating of a butterfly’s wings).
· Concentrate on the area of the Svadhishthana Chakra (lower abdomen) and continue to do so throughout this exercise.
· Repeat the exercise several times, for a few minutes at a time. Finish by leaning forward as you breathe out and returning to your initial position as you breathe in.
· Then, lie flat on your back, breathe calmly and deeply and feel the movement of energy in the lower part of your body.

· Cat Stretch

· Kneel down on "all fours” with your knees and hands placed firmly on the ground and your elbows straight. Keep your back straight, parallel to the ground, and your head slightly raised.
· In this position, breathe deeply for a few minutes, with a short pause between breathing out and in. At the same time, concentrate on the Svadhishthana Chakra (sometimes you feel a sensation of warmth).
· Then, as you breathe in, arch your back upwards as far as you can (just as a cat arches its back) and lower your head gently forwards between your arms.
· As you breathe out, do the opposite, dropping your back and raising your head as far as you can.
· Repeat the exercise in time to your breathing and continuing to concentrate on the area of the chakra.

· Initially, you can do this exercise for 3 minutes, then, later on, for 5 minutes. The longer you do the exercise, the more strongly you will feel the circulation of the current of energy in the area of your lower abdomen.
· Lie flat on your back to relax, continuing to concentrate on the chakra. Be aware of your breathing but don’t try to modify it.

These simple exercises are extremely beneficial to promote the circulation of "sexual energy”. Do them as often as you like, preferably in the morning.

· Natural Resource (*)

Moonlight and contemplating or coming into contact with clear water in natural surroundings will activate the Svadhishthana Chakra.
The Moon, and especially the full Moon, stimulates your sensations and vastly increases your sexual imagination.

· Contemplate clear natural water in silence, bathe in it or drink a few mouthfuls from a clear spring. This will help you to "clear” your chakra of any blockages and emotional inhibitions, to open wide the door to the life that is within you.

· If you are able to contemplate the Moon at the same time as you come into contact with the water, you can be assured of the maximum effect on your Svadhishthana Chakra.

· Aphrodisiac Fragrances

· Ylang-Ylang: The aphrodisiac effect of the essential oil of the flowers of the Ylang-Ylang tree is well-known. It is deeply relaxing and also heightens the awareness of subtle sensual sensations.
Its pleasant fragrance creates a sense of security that gives you renewed confidence in the natural rhythm of your feelings.
In this way, blocked and troubled emotions are banished and dispelled.

· Sandalwood: Sandalwood is often used to stimulate sexual energy and elevate the union with your sexual partner to the level of a spiritual experience. Sandalwood also stimulates the erotic imagination.

You can use these fragrances to create a scented and romantic atmosphere either in the form of incense sticks or essential oils. In the case of the latter there are several possibilities:

Place a few drops in an incense burner or in your bath water.
Or use it to discreetly perfume your lingerie.
Or use a drop to rub gently behind each ear and in the small of your back.

· Infusion of love

· Take 20 grammes of savory, 5 grammes of rosemary, 10 grammes of mint and 10 grammes of orange blossom;
· Bring 1 litre of mineral water to the boil and pour over the herbs. Leave to infuse for 5 minutes. Add 3 spoonfuls of honey.
· Drink a cup of the infusion, morning and evening, for 4 days.

· The sound "O”

· To calm and harmonise the Svadhishthana Chakra, you can listen to the birds singing, the sound of natural running water, or the murmur of an ornamental fountain.
· The chakra is activated by the sound "o” sung on the note D of the chromatic scale. The sound "o” releases a movement of circular energy which arouses deep-seated feelings.
Sing this sound "ooooo” in time to your breathing, without overdoing it, for a few minutes each morning and evening.

This method is very effective for activating the Svadhishthana Chakra since it creates a harmonious interplay between male and female forces. Also, in everyday usage, the exclamation "oh!” is the expression of deep-seated surprise. The capacity for surprise when confronted with the miracles of Creation is therefore revived by the sound "o”.

· The colour Orange

The colour Orange activates the Svadhishthana Chakra extremely effectively. It is a source of invigorating and innovative energy and releases "frozen” emotions. It heightens self-esteem and arouses sensual pleasure. It favours sexual encounters with a view to sharing physical enjoyment.
· For a few minutes each day, contemplate a beautifully clear and luminous orange surface while breathing calmly and deeply. You can, if necessary, create thi surface yourself, giving it a shape that pleases and inspires you.
· Use "touches" of orange in the clothes you wear (silk scarf, scarf, handkerhief, shirt, blouse, etc).

· The power of precious stones

Certain gemstones have the ability to "stimulate” the Svadhishthana Chakra directly if worn or carried about the person.

· Carnelian: helps the wearer to live for the present moment, and promotes concentration and self-esteem. It re-activates the “life force” and makes it easier to express feelings.

· Moonstone: gently opens up your emotional wealth, putting you in touch with the sensitive and receptive part of yourself. With this stone, you have no difficulty in accepting yourself as you are, with all your qualities and faults. It banishes your fear of your emotions and harmonises your emotional balance. In physical terms, moonstone helps to purify the lymphatic system and restore hormonal balance in women.


You can use this technique to arouse your energy, especially sexual energy. It will heighten your awareness of the fact that this energy is primarily yours, that it exists deep within you and is simply waiting to be fully aroused for you greater wellbeing.
You will enjoy all its benefits by performing this dance it regularly for 10 to 15 minutes a day.
· Adopt a sitting position and close your eyes. Breathe slowly and deeply until you feel completely relaxed. Be aware of your abdomen and chest rising and falling regularly.
· Begin to rock forwards and backwards for a few moments.
· Now move from left to right, then move your body in a circular clockwise movement, as if you were using your body to draw circles in the air.
· Leaning on your hands placed on either side of your body, gently bounce your buttocks on the floor a dozen or so times to relax the physical area that corresponds to the Svadhishthana Chakra. As you do this, concentrate on this area and remain conscious of it.
· Then stand up and dance to erotic music (choose instrumental music, if possible), moving your pelvis backwards and forwards.
· Continue to dance for 5 minutes and then finish by lying flat on you back and relaxing completely. Thank the Universe and your energy for this dance.


To feel the joy of being alive and sharing Love you must first of all: love yourself!

Jesus said: "Love thy neighbour as thyself”
If you do not love youself enough, it becomes difficult to love other people.
The love within you is the same love that you can give to others ….
…and inevitably the same love that others give you in return.

If you love yourself by accepting yourself as you are (with all your qualities and faults), then you will spread love around you and receive it in return.

Whover you are, tell yourself that the Universe loves you just as you are and that it needs you just as you are.

Always remember that CONFIDENCE opens up the heart and enables the energy of love to circulate freely, whereas DOUBT has the opposite effect.
Remember that confidence and doubt are 2 aspects of the same energy.
This means that if you are filled with doubt, you have the same amount of potential energy for confidence. All you have to to is "shift” the balance of this energy from doubt to confidence.

The following ritual is very effective: it enables the energy of love of to circulate more freely (achieving a good balance between GIVING and RECEIVING) while increasing self-esteem, self-confidence and self-love.

· First of all, prepare the Altar in your Sacred Space and make sure you won’t be disturbed during this ritual. Relax by adopting the position in which your body feels most comfortable: the important thing is to begin the ritual when you feel “internalised” and calm.

· Perform the short ritual of the “Cross of the Elements”.

· Adopt a sitting position with your back straight. Breathe deeply while remaining aware of your breathing: as a “column” of warm air penetrating your nostrils and flowing down through your throat, chest and abdomen to your Svadhishthana Chakra.
Breathe naturally and deeply, without overdoing it, simply remaining aware of your breath as it passes through your chest (initially, you can place your hand on your chest, which is rising and falling regularly, to help you be more aware of your breathing in this area).

N.B.: your breathing should be regular and fluid, do not pause between breathing in and out.

· Behind your closed eyelids, visualise a screen as if you were at the cinema. On this screen, visualise a person you love deeply (for example, the person with whom you share or would like to share your life).

· Tell this person of the love you feel for him/her; whisper if you prefer, but express yourself clearly and comprehensibly. Allow your heart to open up and express all your love, and feel this love "flowing” over the other person. Continue to be aware of your breathing "in your heart”, in the area of your chest, as you say are saying this.

· Allow the image of the person you love to fade and now visualise your own image on the screen.

· Open your heart as far as you can and express all the love you feel for yourself. Say aloud:

"I love myself and accept myself as I am;
I am loved as I am;
I accept others as they are and I love them for what they are
I express my emotions in all confidence and security;
I find the source of Love within me;
I open my heart and share pleasant experiences with others, taking account of their needs without becoming dependent on them”.

Give free rein to your emotions and feel them fully (it is quite usual to cry at this point in the ritual).
Allow the energy of self-Love to flow and feed on this energy.

· Continue to focus on your breathing in the area of your chest, and allow your image to fade. Now imagine that this energy of Love is coming from deep within you. Feel it and visualise it as a spring of pink water that wells up and fills your heart until it spills over and flows into infinity.

· When you feel ready, open your eyes again, after thanking the Universe for this ritual.

Perform this ritual for 8 consecutive days, preferably when the Moon is waxing, beginning and ending on a Friday.

On the last day, wear white when you perform the ritual and place a beautiful red rose on your Altar.
After this, perform the ritual whenever you feel the need, on a single day, but always on a Friday.


Fears, energy blocks and limitations of all kinds prevent you from allowing the energy of the Universe that we call Love to flow freely within you.

Forgiveness is the remedy that leads to the full and unreserved acceptance of the energy of Love and its free circulation.

A word of warning: the ritual of Forgiveness is powerful and its Magic Power is very strong. So it should only be performed genuinely: in your soul and in all conscience and sincerity. If not, it could have violent repercussions.

Forgiveness is in fact based on "resentment”. By fully expressing your resentment you can rid yourself of fear, guilt and limitations.
You can use this ritual when:
· You feel remorse towards someone;
· You are irritated with someone for something they have done to you;
· You can’t forget a person who has died and whom you need to forgive or who needed to forgive you;
· You split up with someone to “sort out” your relationship.

· Light a white candle and place it in the centre of your Altar and burn incense.

· Proceed as for the “Energy of Love” ritual (sacred space, breathing, etc.). Then imagine the person appearing before you, on the screen of your closed eyes. You forgive this person for what they have done and say aloud: "I forgive you for having done this or that …”.
At the end, you say: "I forgive you and I release you”.

· Then you ask the person in question to forgive you for all that you think you have done and say: "Forgive me for having done this or that …”

· Finally, you forgive yourself and say: "X (your first name), I forgive you for having done this or that to such and such a person and I release you”.

· Feel released, at peace with yourself, clear and focused. Thank the Universe for this forgiveness and thank yourself.

· Leave the candle to burn down completely making sure that no one goes into the room where the ritual was performed.

You can complete the process of Forgiveness when you take your shower, by imagining that the water is washing away all traces of guilt, all the negative thoughts and emotions resulting from your relationship with the person in question, and that it leaves you totally purified.


You can perform this ritual if you are single, lonely, and you sincerely want to fiind a soul mate.

Your mental attitude (positive or negative thoughts) to a large extent determines your quality of life. If want to attract a true wife (or husband), you must first of all imagine her/him in your thoughts and ideas; i.e. as an "ideal”.

Meditate and say the following prayer morning and night. Just as a seed sown in the ground will germinate, so will the qualities and characteristics of the man (or woman) about whom you are meditating will appear in your life in the the form of the ideal wife (or husband).

· Meditate in your Sacred Space or in a place where you feel comfortable (natural surrounding, a park, lake, etc). Perform the “Cross of the Elements” ritual.

· Then say the following prayer, slowly and out loud, remembering that each word releases a particular type of energy depending on what YOU are thinking as you pronounce it.
It is not so much the words that are important as the thought-energy that accompanies them.
Different people can pronounce the same word and achieve a completely different effect.

For a woman:
"Infinite Intelligence, let me attract a man who believes in marriage and worships the Divinity who gives us life; who is therefore loyal, faithful, spiritual, intelligent, prosperous and successful in life; who is in perfect harmony with me, spiritually, mentally and physically; who loves my ideal and whose ideal I love; who no more seeks to transform me than I seek to change him; we share the same love, freedom and mutual respect; who comes to me free of all commitments, through an act of the Providence that creates all new things.
The intelligence of the Cosmic Energy within me unites us within the Divine Order”.

Take great care not to subsequently deny what you have affirmed, as you will then neutralise the process of prayer.

For a man:
"Infinite Intelligence, let me attract the ideal wife who believes in mariage; who is gracious, charming, honest, sincere, loyal and believes deeply in the
great eternal truths of God; we share the same love, freedom and mutual respect. I am spiritually, mentally and physically united with these qualities in the woman I desire, and I know that while I am meditating on these qualities, they penetrate my subconscious, and I am drawing to me, within the Divine Order and through Divine Love, the woman who is the incarnation of my ideal".

Affirm these truths with deep commitment morning and night. Your subconscious will gradually absorb them and you will automatically attract your ideal spouse: the person with whom you will share love and mutual understanding.