lundi 15 juin 2009

The Law of Attraction:

How to attract Luck and Prosperity into your Life

A PERSON’S SUCCESS (their social status, friends and relations, their wealth, their luck in life, etc.) DEPENDS ENTIRELY ON THEIR INNER ENERGY AND VIBRATORY POWER, IN OTHER WORDS, ON THEIR CHARISMA

Charisma is that natural authority, that irresistible fascination a person can have over others, almost as if they had supernatural powers.

Charisma is the result of what is called vibration, the subtle energy that emanates from each of us. Some people are described as being charismatic, while others are not.

The truth is that charisma can be acquired!

In life, people with the lowest vibrations are the shyest, so much so they are practically invisible. People who have ‘average’ vibration live an ordinary life, in other words, as many good times as bad, as much sadness as happiness, and they end up leading a fairly dreary existence.

Those, however, whose vibrations are on a higher level attract the happiest events, the most fortunate circumstances and the most fulfilling encounters towards them, as if by magic. They are the driving forces in life because others, whose vibratory levels are lower, always seek to imitate them and follow them.

People who are gifted with very high frequency vibrations forge their way in life unhindered by fear or doubt. They find it much easier to overcome the obstacles and problems that stand between them and their objectives. They are blessed with this vital force that allows them to move forward and achieve their goals. Those with lower vibratory levels, however, are plagued with fear and doubt.

On Earth and in the Universe, everything is vibration. When human beings are in absolute harmony with their surroundings, this means their vibrations are aligned with the surrounding vibrations. So once we realise we are part of a Whole that is no more or less than energy and vibration, it becomes very easy to establish a link with the natural forces, to increase our energetic and vibratory potential.

Its very important to understand this link between human beings and the world around us, a subtle link that allows us to drawn on and accumulate quantities of energy and power to take our vibratory level over the average.

This vibratory energy is the greatest source of wealth that human beings possess and those who are blessed with it are better equipped to succeed in life.

There is a close link between the power of thought and the levels of energy and vibration available to us, and when thoughts are endowed with the determination to succeed in all areas, the mind becomes a laser that focuses all its vibratory power on achieving the goal, whatever it is.

When this happens, we achieve great clarity, our ideas are no longer muddled and, moreover, flood in their thousands into a mind uncluttered what you might call negative thought.

Most people nowadays have fairly weak charisma, because their inner energy and vibratory power are not very highly developed.

Why is this?...

The reason is that most people are cut off from this fundamental truth: humans are essentially unlimited beings, intended to live every instant of their existence in joy, abundance, happiness and love, in harmony with the universe around them.

Instead, they often suffer misfortune, restrictions and trials and tribulations of all sorts over the course of their incarnation in the material world. They often end up – rightly, moreover – feeling frustrated, confused and as if life has not treated them fairly. They feel a sort of fundamental injustice.

Basically, they have a confused feeling, deep within them, that something « isn’t right », and that life has much better things to offer them!

What is the source of this vague yet persistent feeling?

It’s because the « little voice » of their soul is whispering to them that their origin is of a divine nature… This is something the various religions on Earth never cease to remind us of. The Sacred Scriptures to which these religions refer all mention the existence of a spiritual guide whose role is to assist human beings during their earthly existence.

In most cultures, these spiritual manifestations would be seen as coming from other kingdoms, more subtle than our own. Over the course of time and civilisations, have always developed relationships with these spiritual aids, whatever the name given to them.

For ease of expression, and because it’s a term commonly used, here we will speak of a « Lucky Star ». But you could also use the term Guardian Angel, for example, without changing the meaning in any way.

Whatever you call it, you need to know that each of us has a lucky star that presides over their personal destiny.

Yes, this star, this cosmic guide, does exist and is accessible in each of us, to protect us and help us benefit from exceptional opportunities…

That is its nature,
its reason for being, its cosmic mission

So, you might say, if we really do have a lucky star, why doesn’t life bestow more of its good things on you?

Yes, why don’t you have all the luck, prosperity, love, success and harmony you may rightfully expect in life? ...

The answer is very simple: it’s because you’ve « lost contact » with your Lucky Star.

In other words, you’ve strayed from the Path of Light, and although your Star lives on in you and forms a fundamental part of your inner being, you no longer communicate with it. You can no longer profit from its guidance and enlightened messages.

It’s rather as if an opaque ‘smokescreen’ had gradually come down, a screen which your Star cannot penetrate.

So, you remain trapped in an ordinary state of consciousness, in which your perception of yourself, and of the universe, is fragmented, limited. You no longer have access to the magical part of the universe, the transcendental reality – much bigger than your beliefs, more enormous than anything you could possibly imagine.

Consequently: instead of prospering on a material and spiritual level, your life stagnates. One way of putting it is that you’re cut off from the personal resources and creativity that would allow you to lead a richer, more gratifying life in all areas.

But don’t worry, I have good news: this state is not irreversible and you get rid of this opaque ‘smokescreen’ that’s preventing you from profiting fully from the positive influence of your lucky Star.

It is absolutely possible to increase your personal charisma and re-establish contact with this spiritual guide, with your Star of Light.

Once this luminous link has been « reactivated », you’ll see your problems resolve themselves as if by magic. Your life will take a new turn, because the potential for wealth and happiness dormant within you will finally begin to be unleashed.

I’m going to stop here for this time but don’t worry, I’ll reveal to you how to reactive this link with your lucky star next time.