mercredi 24 septembre 2008



Every single thing in the Cosmos « vibrates » and emits waves: minerals, plants, animals, human beings, absolutely everything!

Intrinsically linked to life, this phenomenon is universal and is as true of an atom as it is of a planet.

The same is true of the environment and the places where we live; houses, for example, constantly emit either positive or negative waves

These waves are invisible to the majority of people, with the exception of those with the gift of clairvoyance. Sometimes we « feel » them, without understanding what it is that we are feeling.

You will doubtless have experienced the sensation of entering a place, house or building, etc. and feeling “ill at ease”. The place is cold, inhospitable, or maybe you just can’t put your finger on what it is that is making you feel uncomfortable.

Perhaps you looked around, trying to work out what it is that is wrong, but found nothing identifiable. Perhaps you tried to rationalise it, but the only thing you knew for sure was that you didn’t like the place and you didn’t want to hang around there…And you left, without ever knowing the reason for your feelings.

It is extremely likely that you what you were experiencing were the “negative waves” that place gave off.

The waves emitted by a building can be positive and good: in fact they have a significant influence on our mood, health and even our luck and success!

That’s why it’s so important for the energy of our home to be in harmony with our personal vibrations.

In fact, if the vibrations of a person’s home conflict with their own personal vibrations, it can throw their whole life off track. The waves of luck, love and money will not be able to “communicate” with that person because the waves of their home will block them out.

Serious scientific studies have been carried out on the numerous amazing cases, proving the harmful influence of certain waves on our daily life.

There are many accounts of experiences of this type:

- "Since we moved to a new flat we can no longer sleep…"

- "We were so happy to move into our new house, but since we bought it my husband has lost his job, we are arguing constantly and our son is bedwetting again…"

- "Just after we moved house, I started to suffer from repeated bouts of nervous depression. But then, when we went on holiday, all my health problems disappeared as if by magic, only to reappear a few days after we got back…"

We hear about misfortunes such as these more and more often. Why is this?

Because over the course of centuries, mankind has simply forgotten that in order to attain fulfilment and prosperity, we must respect the three crucial envelopes that protect the "vibration of Life".

The first of the three protective envelopes of Life is our body, which we should fuel with healthy food. It is a shame that increasingly these days people worry less about where their food comes from and more about how much it costs… to the detriment of quality.

The second protective envelope is our clothing, which should always be made of natural fabrics such as wool, cotton or linen. Synthetic products are often actually the cause of problems we never get to the bottom of and make our bodies ill in what basically constitutes a prison of static electricity.

It’s true that in today’s world where everything has to work quickly, synthetics are quicker to dry, easier to iron (or need no ironing at all) and most importantly cost less.

The third protective envelope, the one which has been forgotten over the course of centuries and long neglected, and which is however the basis of our equilibrium, our health, our development (and even our destiny) is our environment and, more particularly, the place where we live.

Where are our houses built these days? What materials are used in their construction? How are they furnished?

By analysing these different points, we can glimpse the key to many of our problems, which seemed until now to have no solution.

May thousands of years ago, our ancestors knew about the principles of life that favoured a happy destiny:

- when constructing their buildings, the ancient Chinese, carefully avoided certain places and lines that they called “Dragon Veins".

- The Romans, before building a town, let a flock of sheep grave there first, for a whole year, before then performing an autopsy on them. Depending on the results, they decided whether or not to build on that site.

- The Celts and the Druids also understood the secrets of nature and knew how to distinguish good places from evil places, and cathedrals have been built on many of their sacred sites. Acute sensitivity to subtle energies enabled them to perceive and pick up the strong points of the terrestrial magnetic network (I will come back to this point in a moment…).

The Ancients respected the importance of terrestrial influences on habitat. When they were choosing where to build their home they considered not only its exposure to bad weather and the risk of attack from their enemies but also what they called the "vitality of places”, in other words the specific energy that certain places emit.

These notions of “positive” (good) or “negative” (bad) waves were also applied in numerous civilizations. For example, the dolmens or even the famous Kheops pyramids are built on sites that are energetically pure and positive.

In the 11th century, builders of cathedrals were also aware of the importance of the energy of the site. This is why all churches are orientated in perfect cosmic-telluric harmony. Up until the 17th century, houses were constructed according to strict rules guaranteeing perfect harmony with "the Spirit of places".

Unfortunately, this custom has now been lost, and these days houses are built without any regard for the harmonisation of energies. The location of constructions is determined by purely commercial and practical criteria: the price of land, proximity of transport systems, etc.

What exactly are these “bad” waves?

Geobiology makes some interesting observations on this point. This term comes from "geo", denoting earth and "bio", denoting life: Geobiology is the study of the influence of the "earth energies" on life in general.

The earth is, in fact, a living being, and not an amalgam of disparate, immobile and lifeless elements. It has its own vibration, breathing and subtle movements.

Geobiology is a new science for the contemporary world although actually it was known in ancient China, particularly by the Tibetans, who studied it to very high levels. It was even the object of an initiation transmitted by the spiritual Masters.

This discipline currently groups together several sciences such as physics, chemistry, biology, geology and geophysics. It is directly linked to architecture and construction.

For the most part, these "earth energies" concern telluric magnetism: the earth is divided up by lines and meridians of electromagnetic energies that have a powerful impact on life on earth.
Scientists have proven that this invisible energy passes through all matter, affecting humans, animals or plants either positively or negatively.

By studying electromagnetic forces we can explain harmful waves forces by using a principle of equilibrium. Fundamentally we have to realise that we live in the balance of two forces:

- telluric forces that spring up from the centre of the Earth.
- cosmic forces, from the cosmos, that balance them.

The human being is an electro-magnetic creature. Every single cell of our body is itself a tiny electrical system. The aura of a person, photographable and measurable, is the representation of this.

The body actually works like a battery. Every cell must be linked to energy rising from the Earth – the negative pole – and the one descending from the cosmos – the positive pole.

The cells of the body live and develop in the equilibrium of that cosmic-telluric duality, but various elements can break this equilibrium.

Some people are "disconnected" by the stress generated by harmful waves; the energy no longer reaches all the cells and the weakest parts deteriorate. Toxins and dead cells are not eliminated, and disease can set in.

In the longer term, all sorts of problems arise: psychological, relational, financial as well as “inexplicable” bad luck…

Where do these harmful waves come from ?

These harmful energies, that disturb the cosmic-telluric equilibrium essential for a healthy and prosperous life come from thee main sources: the waves emitted by the subsoil, the ones emitted by buildings and houses and finally the waves emitted by our immediate environment.

1 – Waves emitted by the sub-soil

The earth has a magnetic field that behaves as if it had a huge magnet in its centre. The rotation of the planet on its own axis emits electrical currents in the metals in fusion that form its core and this produces a magnetic field.

Man’s evolution has taken place against the background of this magnetic field. It’s used to its presence. The birds use it to guide themselves when they migrate and whales use it for direction when they travel long distances.

This magnetic field is constantly undergoing tiny variations caused by various different things – for example they increase in storms or during solar eruptions – but this does not have any negative impact on human beings.

The damaging effects are seen when the terrestrial magnetic field is disturbed, either naturally or artificially, and the background field that we are normally subject to is modified.

Natural disturbances are due mostly to the presence in the subsoil of geological faults, mineral deposits, pockets of gas, subterranean caverns or galleries (even when closed off) and subterranean water, particularly underground streams.

It is highly inadvisable to live in buildings or houses located close to these types of elements.

The negative aspects of water are specifically linked to subterranean water – for example a well located below a house. Indeed water has a certain “devitalising” effect on people who sleep above it.

Additionally, subterranean waters pick up information from the land they run through, whether this is mineral strata or polluted areas. Water charged in this way can carry “memories” of illness and threaten the health of people living above its course.

This is why houses built up until the 19th century were rarely sited on water courses. Water diviners were used before any building was erected. The Chinese say that you shouldn’t "sleep on the Dragon’s veins", these "veins" being the subterranean water courses or channels.

The history of a house and the land on which it is built should also be taken into account. Finding out the past of a place is important. Negative waves can be felt in places where tragic events have taken place.

For example, battlefields, places where murders have been committed, sites where the dead have been buried or that have been used to store toxic products can be very harmful… and may even mean make a house uninhabitable!

If a house or a building is built on the site of an ancient cemetery, the ground will be charged with the memory of the diseases that struck those who lie buried there. For all time and in all religions, places used to bury the dead have been permanently excluded from the land used for building houses for the living.

The same principle applies for waste dumps. There are many waste dumps around towns. All the rubbish generated by our consumer society has to go somewhere.

Whenever possible, former mines or sand quarries are filled with waste, then levelled off and used as land for building!

The "information" carried by the telluric waves or water courses that run through them can cause all sorts of problems to appear (illnesses, aggression, persistent bad luck, etc.).

Artificial disturbances of the terrestrial magnetic field are man-made.

This is particularly the case with mining (galleries running for several kilometres around a mine shaft), but also very deep foundations excavated for tall buildings, underground transport infrastructures (tube lines, underground car parks, etc.) and public services (sewers, water, gas and electricity distribution networks). All these things can generate harmful waves.

The earth is also crossed with "radiations" which in geobiology are called "telluric networks", that can sometimes disturb vibratory harmony.

Two types of network are given particular importance in geobiology:

1 – The "HARTMANN" network, named after the person who discovered it, consists in a natural grid of electrically charged lines. These lines, which follow the cardinal points exactly, take the form of invisible walls without any physical form.

The lines of this grid measure two metres from north to south and two metres fifty from east to west, and the thickness of the lines forming the grid measure 21 centimetres under normal conditions.

The Hartmann network covers the whole planet, and its telluric radiation constitutes natural radioactivity that seems to go up to the sun, like invisible walls, 21 centimetres thick, that reach great heights, since they can be recorded at the summit of the highest known buildings.

These lines are alternately positive and negative, in such a way that were they cross there is either a double negative or a double positive charge or a charge of each polarity.

There is a neutral, balanced zone at the centre of the grid. On the other hand, at the intersections of the lines, “knots” form where the “vital wave” is reduced.
Measuring instruments indicate that the value there drops to +1, whereas inside the squares the neutral zone has a “vital wave” of +5.

What does this all mean?

This means that the zones where these knots are located are harmful for the health because they have a “devitalising” effect; the vibrations there are extremely low.

For example, a "Hartmann knot" located at the head of a bed may be the cause of headaches, insomnia and in the long term, more serious problems. If the telluric knot is at the height of the stomach can cause digestion problems… and so on.

2 – The diagonal or "CURRY" network: this is set diagonally (north-west/south-east and north-east/south-west) in difference to the "Hartmann" network. Its characteristics are ostensibly the same, except that the lines of this diagonal grid may be three to seven metres across.

The intersections of these lines also constitute harmful places for inhabitants and numerous living organisms. The juxtaposition of a "Hartmann" network intersection and a “Curry” network intersection may be excessively harmful: the energetic imbalance between the cosmic and telluric waves accumulates to the point where it almost “sucks” the vital energy.

Certain experiments performed in the laboratory by Doctor Hartmann clearly demonstrate the problem of energetic imbalance. They were carried out on 14000 white mice over a twelve-year period and consisted in placing mice of the same breed, age and weight in a specific place, some in a neural zone and the others within a telluric intersection.

The mice placed in a neutral zone behaved very calmly for the entire duration of the experiment, maintaining a healthy coat of fur and a reproduction rate that was 30% higher than in the group located on the telluric intersection.

The others were constantly agitated and sought refuge in the corners closer to the neutral zones. During the autopsy, after 40 days of experimentation, many of these mice were found to be suffering from tumours.

In human beings, similar phenomena of ill health, even chronic disease can be detected. This very often coincides with unfavourable locations of beds, chairs and desks etc., which are not situated in the neutral zone.

Babies and very young children instinctively “sense” a disturbed zone. If every morning you find your child at the other end of the bed, or the other way round, this will certainly be because there is a harmful spot that they are trying to escape.

Adults have generally lost this type of “special sensitivity”. Overly artificial living conditions have severed their instinct; they almost never listen to their intuition: they use their reason!

If you have pets, it’s interesting to note where they choose to lie down. Does your cat like to sleep on a telluric intersection? That’s the spot he prefers! Your dog on the other hand may prefer a more neutral zone. Ants, wasps and beetles prefer to live in the vicinity of telluric intersections because the effect on them is more positive.

Plants, like animals, do not all react in the same way to telluric radiation. For example, roses, azaleas, privet and celery tend to wilt in areas where there is a telluric intersection, while asparagus, mushrooms, oak trees and elder trees grow faster and more vigorously.

It sometimes happens that a plant fails to thrive, despite all the conditions necessary for its growth being in place, yet when you transplant it to an apparently similar spot, it starts to grow and flourish.

Trees sometimes have a knotty, twisty trunk, or lean to one side or the other, even if this is not the direction of the sun or the prevailing wind. In some case, they even refuse grow, and wither whereas nearby other trees thrive. Fruit trees may flower but not give fruit. All these symptoms are due to telluric “stress”.

In some spots, jam goes mouldy and wine goes off more quickly: this is an example of how the micro-organisms that spoil food proliferate in the presence of ‘bad’ telluric energies.

When we are depressed, tired, ill or worried, we tend to settle in places marked by lower vibratory levels – in harmony with our own vibrations, when the opposite would be better for us, and would allow us to get our energy back up. This becomes a vicious circle, we “sink” deeper, and problems of all sorts become our daily norm…

The consequences of negative waves may be avoided if we have the chance to choose where we build our home, and respect certain ecological principles: when this is the case the energy of our home is far more likely to be naturally in harmony with the vibrations of the person who is going to live there.

This is seldom the case for houses that have already been built. Increasingly, the choice we have of living space is mostly conditioned by “comfort” criteria that have nothing to do with the house itself: geographical location, closeness to the workplace, transport, schools, shops, the frequency with which we travel, travel costs, etc.

2 – Waves emitted by the place where we live

The inhabitant is, in a way, the “animator” of the place where he or she lives. Personal energy is linked to the energies manifest in the land (subsoil) and by the shape of the building and the materials used to build it.

Human beings, like everything else in the cosmos, emit vibrations (of joy, love, anger, fear, sadness, etc.). A building is capable of "recording" the vibrations emitted by the people who live in it.

Every building has its own waves, and it can also play the above “recordings” back, even to the extent of causing certain behaviours: there are houses that induce divorce, depression, or that seem to justify the negative behaviours of their inhabitants. There are also houses of joy, happiness and prosperity.

The materials used to build the house have an effect on well-being and luck. They can protect the people who live in a house from the negative waves they may be subject to, or to the contrary, they can aggravate the consequences.

So the use of certain materials is beneficial:

Stone, a natural material, is a highly efficient thermal accumulator. The foundations of a house built of stone amplify the positive cosmic and telluric influences and transmit them to anybody who lives there.

Clay is also an excellent construction material, found in the form of bricks, both hollow and solid, as well as in the manufacture of tiles and paving.

Wood is certainly an excellent biological material. It regulates humidity, rejects static electricity, protects against radioactivity and serves as acoustic insulation. It is in harmony with cosmic radiation.

On the contrary, concrete, very widely used in modern building, has some disadvantages. Specifically, reinforced concrete flooring strengthens the intensity of the harmfulness of Hartmann and Curry network radiation.

Concrete also emits a radiation secondary to micro-waves, which is very harmful. Finally, reinforced concrete frameworks, which serve as electro-telluric conductors, develop intense magnetic fields that are bad for the health. Additionally, if metallic girders are used, these should always be placed pointing from North to South.

In so far as concerns insulation, it is best to use natural products such as mineral wools, cork or coconut fibres. Wall and floor coverings should be made of natural materials, such as jute and carpets and rugs should preferably be made of wool, cord or cotton.

The shape of the house also has an impact on the life inside. Biological architecture requires all the radiation, magnetic fields and waves of our environment (infra-red rays, micro-waves, electromagnetic fields) be able to touch human beings without having any harmful effects on them.

All bodies, objects and three-dimensional figures emit energy waves that are proper to their specific form: these are called "form waves". Buildings and constructions also generate “form waves” that affect the person living in them.

These energetic vibrations have the ability to pass from one material to another. Some are good for people and others are harmful. So, when two houses are next to each other, very close together, their energetic fields (their “auras”) become combined forming one single positive energetic dimension.

This is a phenomenon that can also occur between two people. When communication is very good the current is said to “pass” from one to the other. If, on the other hand, communication is poor, the bubbles of energy withdraw, originating feelings of embarrassment and discomfort.

The same is true of houses, buildings and other architectural structures. Some buildings, due to their shape, seem to want to encroach upon their neighbours and, in fact, they do generate tensions in the immediate vicinity, although most of the time we are not really aware of what is causing the problem.

Houses have a form, all forms having their source in 4 original shapes: The four basic forms used in architecture give us domes, cones, pyramids, cubes and parallelepipeds, columns, stairways, doorways and windows.

In so far as rooms are concerned, some shapes attract while others seem to repel, generating a generalised feeling of discomfort.

Round forms, and to a lesser extent square forms, are positive and healthy for people. Pointed forms and all shapes with acute angles emit harmful vibrations called "electric negative green". This is why some buildings shaped in the form of an inverse pyramid may be a source of ill-ease not only for the people who live and work there, but also for people living in the immediate vicinity.

Experts in geobiology have often noted the extremely negative influence of the roofs of some houses, particularly modern houses. Architects are obviously not lacking in imagination, since they seek to discover bizarre forms that have nothing natural about them.

Harmonious proportions, measured according to the famous “Golden Ratio” on which our predecessors placed so much importance, now seem to have been relegated to the memory, along with other things deemed obsolete.

The physical aspect of the roof can prevent a house from being able to fulfil its purpose efficiently. Some roofs crease a form wave that is damaging for the well-being of the people who live in it. For example, a terrace cut into a room will produce negative waves.

Here is another example that illustrates perfectly the power and efficiency of forms used in combination with a knowledge of their potential and the variety of uses of form waves. Let me tell you what happened.

Over the course of the summer of 1929, a new road was opened between Brême and Bremerhaven (Germany). One year later, more than one hundred accidents had occurred on that road. All the accidents happened in the same place, at kilometre 239, which was a straight stretch of road presenting no apparent danger.

When interviewed by the police, survivors stated that they had felt a great “excitement” at the moment when their car reached that point in the road, and felt a “force” which impelled them to swerve towards the side. Accidents continued to happen at this fateful spot and the police remained perplexed as to the cause of the phenomenon…

Carl Wehrs, a local water dowser suggested that the mysterious force was nothing more than a powerful magnetic field creased by a telluric current. To prove his theory, he went to the site with a divining rod in his hand. When he got near to kilometre 239 the rod flew out of his hands. As if an invisible force had taken hold of it, it was flung across to the other side of the road, while the dowser himself was spun around!

Wehrs applied his own solution to the problem. He buried a copper box filled with little star-shaped copper pieces, right at the start of the kilometre. Three weeks later, the box was still in place and there hadn’t been any more accidents. Then the box was taken away and the three next cars that passed crashed. The box was replaced again, and now kilometre 239 is no longer an accident black spot.

Apart from the shape of a house and the materials used to built it, some objects in the domestic environment also emit waves that can be good or bad, particularly computers, televisions, radio alarm clocks, microwave ovens and burglar alarms.

These devices increase what is called “electromagnetic pollution”. Scientists have acknowledged that this type of pollution (electromagnetic radiation) has a negative effect on the nervous and cardio-vascular systems. It is all the more dangerous for being invisible, colourless and odourless, but far from harmless. Depending on your personal sensitivity, this may translate into various disorders including insomnia, persistent tiredness, aggressiveness and depression.

How can the waves these devices give off affect us? The human body actually acts as an antenna. Contrary to what you might think, it’s not only metallic objects that work as antenna, i.e. as wave collectors. All our organs function as antenna, which means that they absorb greater or lesser amounts of electromagnetic radiation.

For example, the cathodic tube of a television emits a small amount of “X” rays, which become harmful when you spend 3 to 4 hours a day in front of it.

The problem is that many televisions are on at the same time and the waves emitted by a cathodic tube can be picked up for up to five kilometres (military experiments have shown this). Additionally, each television is equipped with a very high-voltage box usually located inside the set: this condenser – which remains charged for 5 to 6 hours after the TV is switched off – emits harmful waves.

On a British television programmes called "Tomorrow’s World” an experiment was carried out that consisted in sticking a large nugget of gold onto the screen of a television and leaving the set switched on for two years. Then, live on national television, they analysed the gold nugget, and it was found that the gold had been transformed into lead!

The radiation of computer screens is also harmful. The many studies that have been carried out have proven that these screens can cause migraines, eye fatigue, irritability leading to arguments…even miscarriages!

Moreover, depending on the layout of the room, people who do not use computers may be exposed to even higher levels of radiation than those who do because many screens emit more radiation from the sides and back than from the front.

Burglar alarms, like microwave ovens, use the “Dopler effect” (named after the physicist who discovered it). These devices work in a similar way to aviation or marine equipment, only smaller. Their wave length is long, elliptical in shape, with a range of 500 to 600 kilometres depending on how powerful the model is. They are freely available but no-one mentions the real danger they present.

Microwave ovens use very high hertzien frequencies, and are therefore very dangerous. There are thermal effects (burns) but also non-thermal effects, and these are the most insidious. Some companies also sell these ovens with a detector for identifying leaks, recommending regular checks and specifying that these leaks may be dangerous for the health!

To a lesser degree, other electrical and electronic equipment contributes to increasing the electromagnetic pollution of a house: electric ovens, refrigerators, kitchen fans, dishwashers, washing machines, griddles and grills, toasters, vacuum cleaners, food processors of all sorts, etc.

3 – Waves emitted by the environment

Waves emitted by the environment act on the cosmic-telluric currents and are also capable of disturbing the energetic equilibrium of individuals.

The most obvious example is the distribution of electricity current by “high voltage” power cables. This generates significant electromagnetic pollution, and all geobiologists know that proximity to very high voltage cables is extremely bad for your health.

These cables carry powers of between 50000 to 200000 volts, with international lines carrying up to 500000 volts. Major towns are surrounded by “forests” electricity pylons, and some towns are totally under these lines.

So what are the risks of living in the area of influence of a high-voltage power cable? Living beings, not only humans, become aggressive, then depressive. They have problems sleeping and suffer from tiredness, the signs of progressive degeneration.

Studies have revealed, among other things, endocrinal system dysfunction, a clear weakening of the immune system and the appearance of cardio-vascular problems.

Further studies have also been carried out on farms where cattle are reared located closed to high-voltage power lines. It was noted that milk cows were more likely to develop sterility problems, calves suffered inflammations of the intestines and serious diarrhoea, while cattle being fattened displayed lower growth rates than normal.

Pigs being fattened displayed aggressive behaviour, even resorting to cannibalism! Poultry and game (pheasants, chickens, etc.) behaved aggressively and harmed themselves. The egg production of laying hens was reduced.

German and Russian researchers carried out tests on bees placed under a high-voltage power line. These bees stopped producing honey and became overexcited. They could not stay still, displayed signs of nervousness and aggression and finally died.

On the same scale of noxiousness, we should also mention nuclear power stations, civil and military radar plants – and even radio and television transmitters!

Here is an enlightening anecdote on this subject. The French physicist and biologist Georges Lakhowsky was one of the first to carry out research into the relationship between waves and vital phenomena. He proved that cosmic-telluric phenomena had an influence, whether good or bad, on life.

One day, at Paterna, near Valencia in Spain, he witnessed a phenomenon that was hugely important for his work. Carrier pigeons were released, but the birds went round in circles in the air, unable to orientate themselves.

A short distance away there was a radio-telegraphic station that was transmitting. The disorientation of the pigeons ceased when the station stopped transmitting. The experiment was repeated several times with the same result.

Additionally, if you incorporate certain rules of Tibetan Feng Shui into your domestic environment, you will be able to significantly reduce the “form waves” generated by it.

The bedroom :

- Ideally, place your emitter to the west of your bedroom, where the energy given off is more stable and relaxing. However, this is not always possible.

- Avoid floor coverings made of synthetic materials, as they produce an accumulation of electrostatic charges (positive ions) that favour tension and irritability. Choose instead wooden flooring and carpets or rungs in natural fibres.

- Ban television sets from the bedroom; their radiation is extremely harmful.

- Avoid and ban from your bedside: telephone, electrical alarm clock or radio-alarm clock, metal bedside lamps, neon lights.

- Do not use furniture that fits in the corners of walls, to avoid creating bad form waves.

- As far as possible, position your bed facing from North to South, leaving a ten-centimetre space between the head of the bed and the wall.

- Choose a mattress made of horse-hair, wool or latex over a sprung mattress. Avoid foam mattresses that retain static electricity and do not allow the body to breathe. Use pillows, duvets and quilts filled with down or feather, and bed linen in natural fibres.

- Go to bed with positive thoughts and leave your problems or worries at the foot of your bed (or in the bathroom).

"L" shaped rooms :

Most rooms are rectangular (or square) but sometimes you get “L” shaped rooms that have corners and nooks. These throw the “life energy” off balance, producing harmful form waves. The remedy consists in making the room seem equally proportioned by placing a mirror along the narrow part of the room, thereby creating the illusion of a larger room.

Corners :

Life energy tends to stagnate in dark corners. The remedy consists in “accelerating” this energy by using green plants, smooth shiny surfaces or spotlights. Plants with pointed leaves are particularly efficient, although other solutions include a mirror, a glass placed in the corner, a spotlight that adds its luminous energy.

Mess :

All mess slows down the circulation of positive energy and significantly increases the risk of stagnation. You will notice that wherever there is mess, you will find it difficult to concentrate. The simplest way to resolve the problem is to keep your home clear and tidy.

Furniture :

As a general rule, you should only have the necessary furniture in your home. “Life energy” (called Chi in Feng Shui) requires space to circulate freely.

For example, the sitting room, which is often the largest room in size (together with the dining room) and the centre of familial and relational life should not be overly encumbered with things – furniture or decorative items. The middle of the room should be empty.

The ideal layout of the sitting from is south-east, south-west and west from the centre of the building. Any of these layouts will enable the creation of an atmosphere that is favourable for the harmony of your family and the success of your social life. Remember that you should never put chairs behind windows or doors.

To conclude this chapter, I am going to give your some Feng Shui techniques the efficiency of which has never been denied. They will allow you to benefit from the positive waves of cosmic-telluric magnetism.


In many forests or mountainous regions there are positive areas where the cosmic-telluric energy radiates off the vast surfaces. All you need to do to benefit from this energy is walk though them and your body will recharge its energy (like recharging a car battery).

Depending on the power of the “life wave” of the place, one to two hours walking should be enough to regenerate you and leave you calm and relaxed.

When you are on one of these walks, my advice is to ask to your mind to channel these revitalising waves the right way:

- Remember that between the cosmic forces, coming from the cosmos and the telluric forces springing up from the centre of the earth, regenerating alchemy is at work, and you are its fortunate beneficiary.

- Think how, according to the law of the microcosm and the macrocosm, Man is a miniature universe and the infinitely small is governed by the same principles as the infinitely large.

- Learn (or rediscover) how to "look at" a flower, a tree, to smell and distinguish their subtle perfumes, enjoy the melodious sounds of the birds and the streams, etc.

The subtle energy of air

The air contains a subtle substance that the Indian Master Yogis called "prana" and occultists called the "force". This subtle energy that surrounds us can be captured as follows.

We can accumulate this substance through breathing. First we must learn how to breathe in a special way, to capture this vital fluid and absorb it within us.

- Start by breathing out fully two or three times, to expel all the air from the lungs.

- Breathe in through your nose, inflating your stomach, then the middle of the lungs raising your sides and finally the upper part.

- Hold the air in your lungs for a few moments (retention)

- Breathe out slowly, starting by emptying the air by contracting the stomach, then allowing your sides to fall.

- Remain with your lungs empty for a few moments, then breathe in again slowly.

- Carry on breathing in this way for several respiratory cycles. You can incorporate a rhythm to this type of respiration to amplify the positive effects. For example: 3 times (breathing in), 3 times (retention), 6 times (breathing out) and 3 times (lungs empty). Then return to normal breathing.

- Every time your energy dips, practice this regenerating breathing for a few minutes, (preferably somewhere where there are trees, because the air is purer), and you will be amazed with the results!

Rapid recharge methods

The following exercises are to be practiced in the open air, preferably in a natural place.

The first method consists in thinking about the human body as being simultaneously "receptor" and "antenna". The hands and feet serve as antenna and the feet and legs as receptors. This exercise should last around 5 minutes.

- Generate calmness within yourself; think of yourself as the connecting line between the cosmic and telluric forces.

- Stretch out your arms and grasp them behind your head in a reverse "V" shape, with the palms of your hands facing upwards.

- Stretch your legs out slowing in a reverse "V" shape.

- Meditate for a few moments on this relationship between the forces in which you are the centre, the link. While breathing calmly and deeply, imagine the vital flow emanating from the sun and rising up through your feet-receptors and the vital flow descending from the cosmos through your arms-antennae, and propagating through your body.

The second method for benefiting from terrestrial magnetism consists in being in direct contact with the ground, stretched out on a blanket. This is very efficient because it combines relaxation and the recharging of cosmic-telluric energy to create vibratory harmony between you and the place, in order to increase and dynamise all the positive elements.

Equip yourself with a compass, or guide yourself by following the course of the sun in the sky (it rises in the east and sets in the west), and stand, facing northwards, with your back straight.

1- Relax your rib cage; lace your fingers together, palms facing outwards; stretch your arms out in front of you and then link them behind your head, while breathing in deeply; stretch your arms behind you, then relax the tension while breathing out and lowering your arms. Repeat three times.

2- Lie down with your head facing north and your feet facing south. Relax while bringing your attention to the points where your body is touching the ground (back of the head, shoulders, backs, buttocks, legs and heels).

3- While breathing in slowly and deeply, stretch out your whole body with your arms back, parallel on each side of your head. Hold this for a few seconds with your lungs full (retention), then empty them completely breathing out through your mouth, with your lips in the form of an "O", while you bring your arms back along your sides. Repeat three times.

4- Then relax all the muscles in your body, and return to your natural breathing while allowing your body to “flop” on the ground. Stay in this position for a few minutes while you recharge yourself with positive cosmic-telluric energy.